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for The Enchantment of the Mermaid Whisperers

1/28/2012 c20 21The Queen of Valencia Torgue
Uh-oh! Gasp! You know what would be cool! Kay, so you know how Veela (from Harry Potter) totally freak out when they see something they don't like? The mermaids should do that! Anyway, good chapter. :)
1/27/2012 c20 11iMelinda
I can't believe Hermia killed her sister! I mean, my sister gets on my nerves sometimes, but I would never do something like that. Those three vials of blood were intriguing... I get the sense they're going to be used against Kendra. Hopefully she won't die!

I'm sensing a little tension between Bracken and Gavin... Ooh, this should get interesting xD I'm on Bracken's side all the way, but I love reading conflict between the two of them. Between Bracken's looming marriage and Gavin returning, I wonder who Kendra will end up with ^^
1/27/2012 c20 Nightshade Writer
nice chapter hey linsey i watch this video that said that there will be a movie of fablehaven back to topic is that your chapter was interesting (not surprise its always good) and creative.
1/17/2012 c19 21The Queen of Valencia Torgue
Good job! I'm having a little trouble remembering who is who, but that's probably just me. keep it up!
1/15/2012 c19 16hayhay16
Hermia is cold-hearted and evil. I've read lots of different ways that Gavin turned into a dragon and this is one of my favorites. I absolutly love this chapter! How can you forget an encounter with a dragon!
1/12/2012 c18 1Nightshade writer
Hey good chapter my god i love the song what What I've Done that is one of my favorites of all the song Linkin Park sings i also like numb k getting of subject great story PS sorry i haven't been able to pm you my email wont work for some reason i am fixing it now so good story
1/10/2012 c9 Cutebooklover
I LOVE YOUR CHAPTERS! they make my day once ya read it ya cant stop and keep on reding reading radin ;]
1/10/2012 c8 Cutebooklover
Your novel is really like FableHaven!

But i wanna add a charecter...

Her name is scarlet

She is the last of her kind Her spiecies is foxefy

She is a fox girl that has the ablity to read minds and shift any solid object to anything she pleases

Kendra finds her to be her partner or pet

If you take this idea THANK YOU!
1/8/2012 c18 hhhhhhyyeah
Isnt Kendra... No, wrong story! Sorry bout that.

YAY! You updated! I love it
1/7/2012 c18 16hayhay16
Nice chapter, but Kendra seems to become more and more vulnerable and emotional in fanfictions than in the books. I kind of like the old Kendra better.
1/7/2012 c17 iheartbracken
this is soooo great! at first i wasn't sure if i would like it or not, but i read all of it, and i absolutely love it. i really hope that hermia doesn't plan on doing something bad to the tree to get to snow...i find myself hoping that seth will get to stay with snow. maybe lynthia was right...hermia seems really evil, maybe after trying to become all 4 types, the immense power and knowledge might consume her... anyways, update soon! i'll be waiting for your next installment.
1/4/2012 c17 Nightshade writer
Your story is always getting better Linsey you rock!Loved chapter 17 it was great.
12/27/2011 c17 holas

it is so gud so far

rlly gud plot line n i hope u update soon! =D
11/29/2011 c1 kira
its interseting
11/20/2011 c16 hhhhhhyyeah
OOC Bracken! Thats hilarious! Well, thats what you get for sticking Bracken and Gavin in the same room. I cant wait to find out what happens to Seth and everyone else!
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