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for Jack's Twelve Days of Christmas

8/1/2018 c1 Guest
It was a cold christmas day and i imagined how would i react if my dear husband King Arthur would bring me each of the sung 12 days of christmas gifts. Since i was banished from my home by my uncle i was currently staying at my girlfriend's house. Her name is Persephone and she knew how hard it is to be banished from Your home. So i was staying at her home where i was always invited. On this particular Christmas day i was currently sitting in my office when suddenly i heard persephone's voice say:This is unbeliavable who did that Friend Alice. Being a young woman who always obeyed friends and family i came out of my office and said:Persephone what's going on?. She said:Alice You need to see this. I looked up to see a huge pear tree with a bird pecking the ground around. I instantly knew it was a partridge in a pear tree and i said:Very well since I have a fondness in pears i will keep the tree and for the partridge i shall keep it but who's sending this?.
The next morning i was again at my office and this time Charicleia saw an odd sight and said:What in the world of Camelot is going on up here?. I came out and saw two turtle doves already crooning on Persephone's head and i picked the birds and said:Awwww how cute look at them they represent the sign of love. The turtle doves were Kayley and Garett my two dear cousins. My reaction was the same with the partridge and the tree. I wished to see my dear husband however longing to be in his arms and basically in his warm chest. The girls knew what meant to not be with the man You love. King Arthur in the meantime spoke to Dad Lionel:Little does she knows what have i planned for her?. Dad nodded yet he was sweating that if my mother finds about this she's gonna kill Him. The next morning i heard weird clucking noises and a french song playing as Persephone said:Now whoever has poultry fetish and game as in bringing more birds he will not get away with this. I came out confused like a woman would be and asked:What sort of birds and how many we have?. Persephone said:Hens three of them and they're from France. I said excited :Oh i love french hens bring them aboard Their fresh eggs are wanted on this house regardless their nationallity. Persephone said:Shhhh Alice be quiet if Marina finds out what her brother the king is doing to You she won't be enjoying this. The next morning as i was reading hoping to see early my husband i heard Charicleia say:One more of this thing with birds and i'll call mom. I giggled as i saw four birds singing Christmas carols and i said:Oh Charicleia they are singing lovely leave them to be here I'll talk to Your mother. She nodded thankfully and next morning i was peacefully sleeping when i heard Persephone say to someone:Oh King Christo (Arthur) whst a pleasant surprise Your lovely dame is asleep however for she's a little ill. I could hear him gasp snd he instantly ran to her room ss she said:Sire please calm down It's just little illness she'll recover. He approached the bed and i felt him taking my hand in his and he kissed it. I slowly opened my eyes like a good woman would do and i met his blue (Brown) ones and frowned when i saw tears in them. I reached my weak hand near his cheek and said:Oh Arthur (Christo) I'll be fine i'm a strong woman i'll get over this illness. He sobbed on my hand saying:I know that my beautiful wife but if You die i will die as well. He promised to me that if i die he'll follow and die as well. I asked him:Is this with the birds Your doing?. He nodded and i smiled before continuing:Thank You i love them and i love the rings but mostly i love You my king. He kissed gently careful to not break me in this fragile state but he kept holfing firmly my hand in his. He didn't wanted to leave me but he had to but he promised he'll come back again. I said:Anything with gold is worth it. Six geese laying. The next morning as i had recovered from my illness i heard Persephone:Oh King Christo (Arthur) what a lovely surprise and are those birds you brought?. I came out as a polite woman would do and saw my husband the king bringing a cart with six geese inside and they were laying their eggs. Seeing me a little wobbly since i didn't recovered that much the king rushed behind me and caught me in his arms and said:My dear Queen You must rest for You haven't recovered yet and You don't have to cook meal for i'll make for You a warm soup. He cooked for me such a delicious soup and he stood by my side as a worried yet assisting husband would do. When he left i spoke about the geese:They should lay here because geese eggs are a little bit better than hen eggs. Seven swans swimming. The next morning i woke up because i had broken my leg before due to a stupid goose. The door knocked and I walked with great difficulty to open it and i saw my poor husband standing out of the doorway and he looked so shocked when he saw me falling unable to stand long but he caught me in his arms and layed me on the couch and held my hand. I said:Oh dear Arthur (Christo) I'm so glad You came dearest and that was really quick but i'm a weak woman since my leg is badly damaged. He said:Oh my darling Alice i came as quickly as my feet could hold me i didn't wanted to see my beloved queen die young and leave me for i love You dear Alice. I smiled and said:For today's gift what did You brought me?. He spoke softly:Seven swans swimming in a lake. I couldn't stand up since he told me not to move and when he came back to me he wrapped his arms around my waist and sat close by me wanting to assist me in my pain. His love for me was true and pure but he couldn't bare to see me in pain he wished he could assist me. He took my hand and brought it to his lips saying:My Queen i have some work to do but tomorrow i'll be
back to take good care of You. I waved goodbye to him and after he left Charicleia said:We have 22 birds i hope he realises that mom and won't be happy with this. I ssid:Come on Charicleia it's just for this christmas and he brought elegant swans. Eight maids milking. The next morning i was better and my leg was fine but i was sitting in my office from fear of getting injured or ill. My husband had come earlier and the poor fellow was taking extremelly good care of me fearing i won't survive after all. The door knocked and Persephone said:Coming i swear if it more birds marina's brother will not get away with this. When she opened the door she was durprised to see eight maids and their cows standing out of the gateway and she said:Okay we have women and cows. I came out of my office saying:Don't You mean eight maids and their cows?. Persephone said:Yeah eight maids who milk cows. Charicleia said:Now i'm sure that the people who pass by will instantly wonder what happened. The maids sat on milking stools and took hold of the udders of the cows and started milking them. The cows mooed in responce and the passerby all looked confused but headed on. The maids continued milking their cows as the cows mooed chewing on some hay i brought from the market. Persephone said:I'm quiete confused to why would somebody give his true love eight maids milking their cows?. I said:So that she will have more milk then before. The maids continued milking their cows as the fresh milk filled the buckets and we all watched confused. After the buisness ended the maids and the cows stayed in the house. I said:Maids are always welcomed but the cows we need to build a barn and i want to know how are they tended and i'll pick the cheese later.
1/3/2014 c1 2M. S. Arora
I admit I'm a bit late (or early, perhaps), but I'm certainly glad I stumbled across this!

A very amusing read indeed. I'm still trying to work out which gift response I liked best ;) Maybe the leaping lords? The all-time least-favourite feculent brand-wielding pestilences of our Captain Jack.

Great work!
5/13/2012 c1 2k+Hawki
Simple in its genius. 'Nuff said. :)
2/2/2012 c1 2Silvertongued Dreams
Haha! So cute!
9/20/2011 c1 81Umeko
Utterly hilarious at the end. I was wondering what Captain Jack would do with the lords.
6/20/2011 c1 1qwertyuiop678
awesome... XD
5/12/2011 c1 McNuffin
Ha Ha! Very chucklesome, and very Jack! :)
3/6/2011 c1 1SelenaRoX
1/12/2011 c1 69justadram
"That depends- what manner of birds might these be? If theer ravens or owls voicing calamitous predictions I'll bloody pass! But I've no objection ta songbirds. Particularly sparrows!"

I could quote the whole of it. This is terribly amusing. You've really got a flare for Jack's voice.
1/7/2011 c1 4Jedi Arwen Sparrow Winchester
This is so brilliant!

Excellent idea, and you kept Jack in form so well

Absolutely hilarious, I will reread it often. :)
1/2/2011 c1 50Jennifer Lynn Weston
"That was hilarious! I love how he's ready to roast all the birds (except for the French Hens), and how he's ready to share with Lizzie and her children (six children?) Great addition to our 12 Days celebration! Thank you!"

12/31/2010 c1 30Nytd
Very fun and Jack-worthy responses to each of the proffered gifts in the song! :)
12/29/2010 c1 1Miss Sarah Louise
Oh My Stars, I loved this! So cute!
12/29/2010 c1 38Florencia7
"Nine ladies dancing... / "Acceptable enough! Better 'en acceptable, if theer inclined ta do more'en dance."" -Obviously! haha

That was wonderful!

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