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for Anna's Song

1/15/2011 c1 96thesoundofsunshine
I love the relationship between Kurt and his dad. This was just adorable. And, I always pictured Kurt's mom much like your portrayed.

12/31/2010 c1 52Sailor Grape
Oh, that was so heartbreakingly beautiful. I love Burt so very much; he's the perfect flawed father. I always imagined that Kurt was exactly like his mother, which must hurt all the more since he can't really remember her. But at least now he has that video. ^*^ Lovely fic.
12/29/2010 c1 43vcg73
This is beautiful, and I love it for being just a little bit different than most. Burt is so understanding and wonderful, letting Kurt keep this tangible memory of his mom. Very moving.
12/29/2010 c1 Hugo Purist
Sniff. Poor Kurt, poor Burt, poor Anna. But truly, that was amazing. You have a very lovely writing style: simple, but still clearly beautiful. I loved the comparisons between Kurt and his mother. I loved Kurt's thoughts on the love between his parents. This was simply brilliant, and your spelling and grammer was perfect too! Thank you so much for sharing, HP

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