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11/7/2014 c14 R
2/29/2012 c7 CaityDeschanel
Loved it even with the mention of "the other woman" aka Hannah :( loved reading it :)
10/6/2011 c14 4An Artistic Koala
okay, first, this thing(review) is gonna suck because it's a quarter past three in the morning and second, heheheheh Anglia's tablet xDDDDDD

I reckon they should find sweets and then pressure him into telling them what he knows 'bout Zack not killing anyone, because he makes a sort of face thing while talking with everyone about the hair and knife and stuff.

fabulous chappie, btw, grammar is getting awesomer and stuff and I'mma go to bed now before I say something stupider than I already have. Niiiight Rachy have fun reading this in the morningg

Jess out *salutes*
8/13/2011 c13 daisesndaffidols
Just found this story.. I like it! keep the chapters coming =)
8/12/2011 c13 nertooold54
I'm definitely still reading. I like their banter, it's fun to read. I'm glad he finally told her about Hannah.
8/12/2011 c13 12Diko
Ha Booth doesn't need to call on an inner teenager! He's so happy go lucky that the teenager is barely an inner personality =D. Great Chapter.
8/12/2011 c13 SouthunLady
Actually, you portrayed Booth's words and actions very well. Probably Brennan's, too. Although, I did think that Booth telling Brennan that he and Hannah had broken up and why was a little rushed. Since B&B are good friends, I felt it would be a more serious discussion.
6/18/2011 c11 nertooold54
too funny:) she whacks him with her gun and takes a shower fully clothed. I'm glad he told Brennan that Hannah's gone.
6/15/2011 c11 4An Artistic Koala
I can see the bits you wrote in the coffee/Ginger beer high. ^^ even though it's, like, eleven, I still feel like correcting stuff so: area on your parietal

...there wasn't an 'a' on the end of area and the 'r' was missing from your.

Anyway, awesomesauce chapter. You're improving so much it isn't funny. I feel like writing but not really and it sucks. HAAAAAPPYYYYY BIIIRRTTHHHDDDAAAAYYY for yesterday again. That reminds me... I "wrapped" your present in... Awesome wrapping paper and then went crazy and drew stuff on it with my Sharpie marker. I may have also written DANCING PHALANGES several times and drew lame-ass pictures of bones. Maybe.

Before I go... :D

Hey. Hey Rach. Hey Rach, guess what? BEVERAGES. xD *runs away quickly*
6/15/2011 c11 12Diko
Happy Be-lated Birthday you old fart ;-P lol. Good Chapter, glad to see Brennan now knows Hannah took a hike.
6/9/2011 c10 nertooold54
Ouch. She is out of it a little, she nailed Booth. On the other hand; awwwe, he was making her something hot to drink.
6/7/2011 c10 4Everybodyelse027
Good chapter. What happens to Booth now? Update soon please. :D
6/5/2011 c9 Everybodyelse027
I just read the story and its great. I love it. I hope you update soon. :)
6/4/2011 c9 berniej
Only just found this, avoiding a lot of ff during the 6th season became a habit!

We all know Booth is a twit, but hey he's a guy and she was there and willing and I guess if your into blondes ...anyway glad she's gone should have left earlier and without the proposal but hey HH is a guy too!

I'll be interested to see how Booth handles her now and how she reacts to him...I would like to see the old Brennan back, she needs her strength and imperviuosness to get through this..and deal with the gossiping old guys at the lab...and they call us gossips!

Thanks for the update

5/16/2011 c7 SouthunLady
Okay, so when is Booth going to begin realizing he made a HUGE mistake in choosing Barbie over Brennan. You know it can't happen too soon for me.
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