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1/15/2019 c9 10sasukexnaruxsakura
Oh god the end of this was just too funny. I hope you update this soon.
11/26/2017 c9 1inuyasha16451
Omg. Please come back and update this awesome story soon.
6/14/2016 c9 lucien.francine
More chapter please
6/11/2016 c9 16Lexie Black 1992
This is good so far I cant wait to read more please update soon
1/18/2016 c9 Gaarankogame
Alright when I getting the next chapter
12/20/2015 c9 3Alley cat gray
Please continue
8/2/2015 c9 Guest
That's funny please update
8/1/2015 c1 Guest
If Naruto the Dom/seme/pitcher or whatever you call it and the other 2 are his bitches then great story if not fuck this fic because not enough semenaru x uke ita also can you make a narukyuu
7/11/2015 c8 8AsorenRM
Please update!
10/28/2014 c8 Neko-NightLover
10/18/2014 c8 3Rosetta T. Violette
I thought this was discontinued I guess not but KYAAA! an update.
10/15/2014 c8 Dragon77
Grate chapter! I'm happy that you are back and writing again. I can’t wait to read the next chapter so please keep on writing and UPDATE SOON.
4/14/2014 c7 1Anime-King20
please up-date
11/7/2013 c7 9Yami no Sekirei
Please update it soon. I am eager to know more...
12/19/2012 c8 Guest
what? i had no idea people were complaining. your writing is not that bad, and it's like waaaaay better than some of the shit out there. keep at it, and good luck with the beta thing
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