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for Bella and the Beast

3/26/2011 c3 A
Sounding good! UPDATE!
2/14/2011 c3 2SisterlyDuo2
Why does Jacob have to be rude? Other than that i love it. Update soon plz! love ur story. Peace.8)
2/10/2011 c3 twilightlover212
and so she meets the beast! One question why do you write in the present rather than the past tense?
1/21/2011 c2 twilightlover212
Mike, seriously! Did Bella hit her head or sommething? Even if his hot, thats just plain wierd!

I like your story, i just hope that the cullens aren't vampires that would ruin the story for me!

Update soon please please please!
1/3/2011 c2 2TaylorFan
hey story so far is great and your picture for mike is HOT!

Keep up the good work xx
1/3/2011 c1 1vdjaime95
my mike http:/
12/30/2010 c1 4ladybug82896
Continue! please continue!

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