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8/4 c5 theaceofharts
In a line a few paragraphs from the bottom it has Holocaust instead of holocast. pretty sure this was a auto correct thing because holocast is red and the first correction is Holocaust.
7/16 c1 Brandon Boodoo
Stupid. Really stupid. You literally fucked everything up. thought dead TOLD harry he could use the cloak... wtf is he doing shouting like a fucking moron?! plothole immediately is not a good sign for this already shitty fic.
6/30 c13 Belthazor2
This is a weird miss-matching of story elements. Not fit for consumption. It could use some rewrites and beta reader input. But I like the idea. You only get better by trying so I do respect the effort.
6/14 c1 27mad97
How cringe can the story be also if you know the canon you would have known that the prophecy state that the one wit the power to vanquish the dark lord not the ones that was proven when Harry removed the prophecy from the DOM in the OOTP so Neville wouldn't be the child of prophecy
6/2 c1 stacygrrl2002
Very convoluted.
5/23 c13 Guest
This is a great story!
5/23 c1 Calebros
is this Harry a fan of soap-operas?
5/20 c13 Shivers82
Thanks for continuing his story. Quite the cliffhanger. Looking forward to the next chapter.
5/20 c13 fraewyn
Love it!
5/20 c13 Jostanos
omake: "ENOUGH! EXPECTO PATRONUM!" Talk about Over Powered! Prongs appeared alright, BUT HUUUUUUGE! at first anyway.. then he broke up into several Great Stag clones to help not only help Harry and his team keep calm, but also to keep the fog and the foes within at bay and or effectively KO'd.

omake end.

Please continue when you may.
5/20 c13 starboy454
Excellent update
5/19 c13 3WhiteElfElder
Did that thing use the bodies to birth Dementors, Lethifolds, or something more like itself? From the fog coming off or out of the bodies, at least they are not inferi as well.
5/19 c12 WhiteElfElder
I think this thing will find its match in Harry, maybe its destruction.
5/19 c11 WhiteElfElder
Harry is going to bring change, but not by force...pun intended. They should go get the star fighter that was left hovering just above the fog bank
5/19 c10 WhiteElfElder
I think Harry is a hair's breadth away from sealing someone's force abilities even if by accident.
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