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5/10 c9 hunzbookwyrm
Great story hope to see more from you soon.
4/2 c3 kirosyamcha
eh i think the clone of skywalker was a bit much, I don't know if it was canon or spur of the moment.
4/2 c2 kirosyamcha
your starting chapter would probably be a good starting point for a bunch of different stories as you showed using the portals, but i think my favorite is when harry goes to either MCU or marvel in general or even some kind of DCAU
3/29 c9 fraewyn
Loving it!
3/5 c2 BrentNewland
It's a decent plot but the dialogue and writing are terrible.
2/7 c5 Time passes
the authors note.

Don't worry. Those of us who have aged, will definitely understand. I even had the novel experience of entering my thirties. It was a slap in my face that in my thirty years of life, nothing had really changed. I had aimed too high for myself believing in the dribble society told us.

I gained a good education, became the top of my class, and even found two friends that I believed would last me for life. Graduating told me that no matter how good ones education, reputation and friendships.

Friendships rarely last across vast distances, employment is only availeble to those with connections on the inside and the world only knows justice if it benefits someone way above you.

Life teaches each us us various lessons, and we are all caught up in hubris thinking we know something best, and act on things we believe matter, only to find that in the end, none of it ever did.

Time and life is like a river, ever flowing through various lands and places, down through creeks in the mountains, past cities and castles, only to get lost in the ocean, and rain down from the skies to begin the cycle again.

It is easy, and normal for life to get ahead of us, interfere with our initial plans and ideas, to accelerate them or return us to work left unfinished.

If it is any consolidation. What I mean to say is, that many of us understand and won't begrudge you for it. Life happened. The same common factor that binds us all in various ways.
12/31/2020 c9 starboy454
Excellent updates
12/31/2020 c9 HowlnMadHowie
Ok...I'm confused...most chapters it's indicative Harry arrive in SW galaxy without his Holly wand (which, icidentally has not been repaired which req the elder wand, which I don't recall being used to repair the Holly) So...I have to ask this, does Harry have his Holly wand or not? Death let him keep the cloak that was it.

That said, while it's curious he found a book for runes and Hermione's notes how to write runic arrays and sets to perform certain enchantments I would've thought he'd have a larger selection of books to finish up his 7th year and other stuff. Like the use of spacel expansion charm. I mean a Jedi who would have undetectable extension charm would be very valuable asset.
12/31/2020 c9 agnar
eh, I dunno, early on I was looking forward to a 'Harry and his magic help fix things in star wars' saving much of the Order, getting their heads out of their asses, ending Sidious.

And it started out that way. But now you're almost entirely brushing off all the shit that caused the galaxy so much trouble, as if it's all pissant stuff, so we get this out of nowhere 'real' big evil sucking the galaxy dry who apparently drove off wizards way back.

Not too sure I'm all that interested in that plot direction. I'll stick it out for now, a bit longer anyway because you saved Padme and had Harry keep his magic and the force, which few fics do. But I'm not too sure how much I'll like the hungry evil or whatever plot direction.
12/30/2020 c9 HadEv
not the best.. but thanks
11/19/2020 c3 enji-benjy
As shields go... that was spectacularly useless. Who even invents that waste of magic? A shield that blocks nothing?
11/18/2020 c8 HowlnMadHowie
OK...as I just came across this other day and took past 2 days to read all 8 chapters...i'm going to overlook the grammar point and go right into...WTF? I think it was 3 chapters ago that we saw Barriss appear to be communing with a Dark Lord and it was never...followed up. I mean we haven't seen her since that point. It said she planned to leave. But never followed up (if she left, if anyone noticed, etc).

That said, Tarkin should be vvery afraid to have Harry question him. 2 reasons! Legimency, which Harry showed he knows and (points at care package) I'm willing to bet amongst the potions in that a very delcious little thing I'd like to call...veritaserum! "Just 3 drops and he'll sing like a bird!" Shame that Sidious lost such a valued asset for his arrogance got him caught.

Also, when Harry told the Jedi about what a Phoenix can do I'm confused. Would the Jedi be very intersted in analysizing phoenix tears? Also speaking of analysis it was never mentioned about Harry's midi chlorians. Speaking of Harry and health it is rather curious that was never mentioned if he's still wearing glasses. Best guess is his death "corrected" his vision.
10/29/2020 c8 wolfgang108
A grammar teacher would red ink you to Hell and back. I really am enjoying this story though.
10/28/2020 c8 Jostanos
Caught you were, Tarkin. Mercy, Padawan Potter has shown you so far.. but for how long?

"It"? *blinks then his eyes go wide* Oh no.. Not.. DUNDUNDUNNNNN! "THE UNQUENCHABLE HUNGER OF OLD!"
10/25/2020 c2 WilliamJ24
wow just wow. this story is a mess just by the first 2 chapters. you have run on sentences, as well as a mess of grammatic errors. then finally the characters, i have never seen such over the top talking with them. please go back and read it yourself, then get a beta to help you.
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