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for Far and away

12/1 c1 Timtaker
It should be here still
9/17 c1 Guest
Not on Ao3
7/31 c1 21Billy-234
What is ao3
7/27 c1 Nikkless
yeah dont belive that force lighting is worse than cruciatus that attacks the nerve endings
7/27 c1 Nikkless
cringy and the interactions felt stiff
7/18 c15 nitewolf423
good luck with what ever you do
7/17 c15 1goblin81
Thank you for sharing your talent at story smiting. I have greatly enjoyed several of your tales and look forward in the hope that you will share them again else where.
7/15 c5 Anon
Might want to change this at the end of Chapter 5, you have put Holocaust instead of holo-cast.
7/14 c15 James Birdsong
You wrote a good story.
7/14 c15 EP
7/16 c15 George1892
Woah, what? That's a bit of a shock. Please consider moving to AO3. Your work is great and it would be nice if there was somewhere for future generations to enjoy it as much as we all have.
7/16 c15 GreyHaven1
I really enjoyed your stories it'll be a shame to see you go if you can leave a notification if you put it up on another site I would love to continue your stories!
7/15 c15 wiebenor
I don't know why you're deleting all your work from here, but I think if you do, it would be nice to have a zip/rare file with the stories as they currently are, as a backup archive for us to download. You're not obligated to, of course, but I for one think that it would be a good compromise between just getting rid of everything, and having the stuff available elsewhere, if it's possible to do that on this site
7/14 c15 BlindFaunusGirl
Sorry to hear that, but understand your decision. Hope you continue your works elsewhere. Either way thank you for sharing your stories.
7/14 c15 Eclipse of the Wolf
You have a few stories I follow and would greatly appreciate if there was a way for those of us who enjoy your stories to know if you repost them somewhere else. I know the community here can be off putting, but as I said there are those here who are not trash talking judgy idjits. Thank you for what you have already written.
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