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for My love for you is forever!

10/25/2020 c18 Poohkani
I knew it was Yuu.. that special someone to take care of is Natsume .. plz don't kill Natsume and Mikan
10/12/2020 c17 Poohkani
Please don't kill Natsume or Mikan.. plz update soon.. can't wait this chapter is soooo damn good
7/19/2020 c16 Poohkani
Waited for this so much.. tnq for updating. Please don't kill Mikan or Natsume at the war.
6/2/2020 c15 Guest
Ohhhhh when will she remember her beloved :(
Poor natsume. I bet they will have a fight face to face . Mikan will attack natsume
5/31/2020 c15 Poohkani
This chapter was very interesting. Want Natsume to find Mikan and her to remember memories. That Fuji guy is so annoying. He does not deserve her . update Soon pls.
5/30/2020 c14 Poohkani
What took you so long to update. Please finish the story you started. This story is so nice. And it's so interesting. How dare he kissed our Natsume's Mikan. Hope you do justice to your characters. And please let mikan remember who she loves the most in this world. Please update ASAP
5/29/2020 c14 Guest
Please finish the story you started.. don't keep us hanging for tooooooo long.. plz update.. thank you
5/29/2020 c14 Guest
Your story is so good and it's interesting.. please update new chapters.. want to know how will it end for mikan and natsume .. plsss update
5/28/2020 c7 Bookishworm48
I had to stop multiple times because at the sweeeeeet and adorable moment
Keep it up
8/16/2012 c11 10KiyomiShizuru
aww i wonder what mikan is going through. Nat is so sad without her great story :)
6/19/2012 c11 distan33
Nice Chapter!

Update Soon :)
6/8/2012 c10 distan33
awwww to short:( pls update soon
5/15/2012 c9 distan33

5/10/2012 c8 4padrrhhajfenmak
5/5/2012 c7 distan33
cute chapter

update soon

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