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for The Five to One Job

7/23/2015 c1 Moi
What an amazing story. I wished you had the team and Amanda have several more run ins. That was just too funny.
9/19/2014 c1 72Evenmoor
I'm wonder if Eliot would be surprised to discover he had an identical twin who was also working at Wolfram and Hart with Linwood Murrow...
8/25/2012 c1 Guest
that's a good oneshot. Characters portrayed accurately though it is not in Ford's nature to give up no matter who is he up against. It'd have been nice ro have an encounter b/w Sophie and Amanda but alas. Good story...
8/18/2011 c1 13charlie1902
Thanks for this - you've easily made this a completely believable xover


4/2/2011 c1 1Themis' Chosen
This is a cute story-I can see Amanda doing all of that. And maybe calling them later to tweak their noses. However, the lasers are sensors only, and are incapable of cutting a person to ribbons. Torts 101: deadly force cannot be used to protect property.
1/1/2011 c1 mardar
Great Story! I would love to see the Leverage team "attempt" some revenge.
1/1/2011 c1 bprice
Highlander and Leverage together! Does it get any better?

Good job, now see if we can get them to work as a team. I bet Amanda would do it, if only to preen at her own skills and to teach the "kids" a few new tricks! BTW, Amanda and Parker working as a pair - Priceless.

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