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5/21/2011 c1 1ColBlair
Great chapter here M74!
5/14/2011 c6 NoOneYouDontKnow
I was really worried when Abby collapsed. But the way Owen ended up merging with Excalibur was beyond words of praise. I did not see that coming at all, and I loved every second of it, especially the battle with Gudis. He even managed to break everyones deals with Crowley, and will live a normal life with Abby. It can't get any better than that for the two.

Blade ending up offering Mindy the serum was really cool. So now there's still a vampire that looks like Abby running about! The ending scenes with the other characters was nicely done. Humorous and peaceful, a well deserved victory.

Wow. I am having a hard time choosing between this and Child of Fate as my favorite fic. That was the most awesome wrap-up of an astounding story, ever. You give yourself too little credit M74, these fics are amazing. They deserves so much more attention than they've gotten! Maybe submit these to BeMeALittle.com?

Anyways, thanks for writing these, it was a joy to read. I'll definitely check up from time to time for new stuff from you!
5/14/2011 c5 NoOneYouDontKnow
That whole blue base scene was hilarious.

Owen has decided to take Crowley's deal, I guess he had little choice. Ten years of a normal life is better than nothing, especially for Abby. Unless they can figure a way out of the deal. I'm also guessing that Abby turned Mindy? If so-cool, guess I'll find out. I'm also glad that the others are starting to warm up to Abby.

Gudis and Superman fight was awesome. Gudis just keeps showing his badass strength over and over, most epic villain I've seen yet.

Excalibur has been found and we're approaching the ending. I am bracing myself for the finale, which I bet will be brilliant.
5/14/2011 c4 NoOneYouDontKnow
I've used the word epic too much already, but there's another for you.

Abby Macready! Now that's cool. I had suspected it was her who saved Tony, but wasn't certain. Good way to introduce her to the gang-even if they are still a little hostile towards her.

That Gudis fellow was pretty damn nasty, in form and power. Crowley has finally revealed his plans, doesn't look like they have many other options. Marcus is dead though, and Buffy and Constantine have sold their souls to save Cass. At least he is in the right place to retrieve Excalibur.

Another brilliantly crafted chapter M74. Just the right amount of action and smartly chosen dialogue.
5/14/2011 c3 NoOneYouDontKnow
Holy crap, this fic needs more views M74. The epic-ness is beyond... Epic.

I don't even know where to begin, but all the action scenes were very exciting. There's more action in this one chapter than most fics I have read, combined. I think my favorite battle was the one with Hellboy, Saya, Michael, and Selene against Gaira.

Hit-Girl, Iron Man, and the Winchesters have grouped together against zombies, and it seems Abby and Owen are nearby. I am really excited about this arsenal of heroes and looking forward to reading more.

Blade and Constantine are quite a pair as well, how the heck do you come up with such awesome teams XD

All in all, an amazing chapter.
4/19/2011 c2 NoOneYouDontKnow
I like how you made Abby less aware of her human traits, she's a lot more like how she was in the movie and it's something I overlooked in my own story. You really show how dark her hunger is from the last chapter and this one. The part where she shouted at Owen for giving her pig's blood and how she almost gave in to feeding on a 6 year old.

Owens curiousness about her past and about Thomas is spot on. He was always a voyeur and I do believe he would ask Abby about such things, despite knowing it might not be what he wants to hear. Then the scene where he's shivering at the fire and talking with Abby is excellent, shows how difficult things can be for them.

Crowley seems to be busy tricking young ones to sell their souls. I can only imagine what he plans to do with them, but his offer to Owen is very interesting. 10 years of a normal life with Abby or take their chance as they are, that is so very tempting I bet. I'm glad he decided to think on it though.

Castiel's revelation of Booth's past was excellent. That is a great story for what happened to Angel and very clever! I am anxious to find out what else he found in Angels crowded memories.

Even more players arrive! I wasn't expecting Mindy and Tony Stark, but it's a welcome surprise.

Overall great chapter and I am on to the next.
4/19/2011 c1 NoOneYouDontKnow
Wow, this is quite the super combo deluxe meal of crossovers! Thanks for telling me about it, I might not have gotten around to it otherwise.

I really like how you showcased the major players of this story. You reveal their identities, but then go back in time to enlighten the readers on the events that led them to the present.

Again your writing skills shine, so much personality is seen within every character, despite how minor their role is. Then the action scenes with the Kath monster, so many people were there and I expected to be lost in the battle, but you executed it very well and I managed to keep up.

You got quite the head on you to be able to combine such a lineup of amazing characters into one universe and make it coherent. I've seen the players and the stage, now I eagerly move on to the next chapter to see how they collide.
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