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for Secret Seven

1/29/2013 c9 s.r.maithreye
are you having very creativity mind
2/5/2011 c11 bookgirl07
hey! sorry i didn't log in.

I know this probably won't happen- but are bell and tyler soulmates? Just asking...
2/5/2011 c11 AcademicGames
Awwwwwwww I hope you find time to update EVERY Day! Jk like that'll happen... You can still try... XD
2/4/2011 c11 20Sweet Night

new souldmates!

yay-yay-o yeah!

**starts doing a little dance***

Ash: i told you she was mental...

Quinn: yep...she is

Morgead: and you just figured THAT out?

Ash: nah...

Me: you guys are just jealous!


update soon!
2/4/2011 c11 8lamia vampress
You UPDATED! Yay! I was so happy, lol. Once again, you make me awe at your brilliant work. This was seriously intresting!

Are you going to use my OC for one of the soulmates? PM me if you need to see it again...

Anyways, can't wait! UPDATE ASAP!
2/4/2011 c11 3beaufort-stuart
Loved it :D

Poor Bell xDD

2/4/2011 c11 helena
soulmates are coming soon omg loved it and can't wait for planc wink
1/31/2011 c10 13killerbee07
Don't worry, i read your notes! I NEED to know what happened with bell so update soon!
1/29/2011 c10 3beaufort-stuart
Ahh Bell what happend? :0

1/29/2011 c10 8lamia vampress
Ooh, so do each of the Secret Seven have a diffrent power? So interesting... :P Awesome chap, as always. Update soon! And BTW, I read your AN's. ;)
1/29/2011 c10 19BM.Real.X7
I read your notes! Lol, really gold chapter, I'm glad you updated!
1/29/2011 c10 AcademicGames
Update sooooon
1/22/2011 c9 BM.Real.X7
Okay, so I'm stupid and I just started reading it now. Anywho, I love it! I really wish I had found it sooner! This is really good. I like Thorne! heck, I love all the OC's! Update soon !
1/22/2011 c9 8lamia vampress
Lol! Ah, Lucas made me laugh ;) Anyways, yay, you updated! I can't wait until their soulmates come in. Update soon!
1/22/2011 c9 lissandra
hope you continue
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