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11/1/2012 c1 dhampire712
9/28/2012 c1 lectricmuffins
Simply brilliant- especially the 'three Hibari's part'!
1/8/2012 c1 6A phoenix patronus
Asdfghjkl;; I frigging love it! Awwn Natsu~33 Hehe I thought it was going to be a 7227...it was pretty :)
12/26/2011 c1 5jasminliertha
I almost choked on my food. They are capable of civilized competition?

Uh.. and the omake, was Tsuna half-naked or something?
5/7/2011 c1 ShawolsMVP
Ahhhhhh so cuteee! If only it was a series X)))) I really love your stories!
5/3/2011 c1 5NeutronStarsCollide
Awwww mang! I thought that Tsuna was gonna end up with Primo, lol. Still, Dino and Squalor nosebleeding? SUPER WIN = u=b LOL
3/10/2011 c1 13996873894ht
Hahaha, I love these fics xD

Where Tsuna is utterly clueless to every other character that just so happens to be shamelessly flirting with him. xD Pairing choices made me laugh (1827 fan all the way) Haha, if you ever think of writing out their 'other ideas' at claiming Tsuna I'll be sure to be one of the first to read it, haha.
1/24/2011 c1 TheOrchid
PWAH~ Wow, that must've been a bit ego-damaging...
1/2/2011 c1 35Lov3Less
this is so funny... dino, squalo, xanxus and hibari fight for tsuna and lose to natsu... haha... XDD

by the way is there anything happened between giatto and tsuna?

Felice anno nuovo and Buon compleanno mean?
1/1/2011 c1 27Orcux
Ahaha! Best New Year's fic ever! :D

I was quite surprised at the fact that Basil & Kyoko were together o_o But nevertheless...

... To think that they lost to Natsu! Oh my, I can't stop grinning. xD

Thanks for sharing this with us! Haha xD
1/1/2011 c1 4kyonechan13

Thats what I've looked for the past few minutes since finishing your fic. That's so cute XD I wanna do that to Natsu! XD I think you did an funtastically awmazing job.
1/1/2011 c1 17Kichou
Very cute. I like it.
1/1/2011 c1 4Silmeria
Ahaha that was cute...Hibari, Xanxus, Dino, Squalo lost to Natsu. That must have been a big blow for them. Giotto was pretty lucky though :p

Is there going to be a continuation? I mean nothing has been decided yet so yaaaah...you should make more :)

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