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for Your Guardian Angel

12/5/2017 c12 Guest
Yo quiero saber q tiene el para decirle tengo intriga
9/23/2013 c6 1NemiTheVeggieEater
When I saw Moulin Rouge mentioned on here I was like EYYYYYY! Lol And then they started doing the Elephant Love Medley and I was AHHHHH YES! I like the Roxanne Tango (:
9/17/2013 c13 Guest
9/16/2013 c13 Crazygurl117
I wish you would've keep writing. It's a really good story. Oh well.
9/1/2013 c2 Guest
Jace jace jace oh my god could not stop laughing!
6/20/2013 c12 Peeved
Why would you do this and you stopped at clif hanger!
5/31/2013 c7 20AnneValkyria
5/22/2013 c12 ShyAngel51
How could you stop? It was so good and was sounding amazing! Please keep writing. Is there anything I can do to convince you to keep writing? I would write it, but I completely suck at writing stories and they always sound bad. PLEASE CONTINUE WRITING THE STORY!
4/30/2013 c12 yungmoneygirl
how da f*** u start an awesome story but dnt contiue it and leave it with a cliffhanger, i mean really -_-
4/22/2013 c6 Avid Reader
The only way to love me is to really mean it.
4/5/2013 c2 1tealshoelaces
I was thinking princess bride
Well, thay does put a damper on our relationship.
For the rest of my life Jace will soind like Westley.
Not that that's a bad thing...
2/4/2013 c6 moulinrouge love
The Greatest Thing You Can Ever Learn Is Just To Love and be Loved In return! love that movie
2/3/2013 c2 1Jo Eilyah
loved the princess bride refrence that is one of the best quotes in the movie!
1/26/2013 c9 Guest
damn u to helll
1/26/2013 c1 Guest
my teachers hates me and my friend sarah
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