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for The Girl With Gloves

8/24/2023 c21 BassFridday
Kind of thought Rogue would have gotten her speech back, after absorbing Logan's healing abilities. Too bad you left this at a cliffhanger, would have loved to know what came next :D
8/17/2022 c17 6starlite22
Please finish this stroy
8/18/2020 c8 Paganisten12
Y'know, this is a real sweet story
8/18/2020 c5 Paganisten12
Wow, those are some sour grapes there Jean. How sad she's so ugly inside, and breaking confidentiality as a doctor to boot.
7/27/2020 c7 starlite22
Please update you can’t leave it, we need to know if she’s ok?if they get back together if she’s pregnant
7/27/2020 c11 starlite22
But would this healing fact from all the odd touches have started to heal her scar?
7/27/2020 c9 starlite22
It would be nice for to get in contact with her uncle and him to still want to know her.
4/18/2019 c18 starlite22
I hope someone looks after her dog, hope you update great story.
2/4/2019 c21 ImMeahri
Please please please update this story please
7/19/2018 c19 starlite22
Noooooooooo, you can’t leave it like this, wtf happens next, what happened to her dog. She has to fight back and regain her voice.
1/28/2018 c21 TurquoiseCowgirl
No no no no no no not the end! Ahhh! Oh well, I'm glad we got to see them sweet with each other. What a great cliffhanger to leave off on. I do hope your muse returns someday and you complete the story.
1/26/2018 c11 TurquoiseCowgirl
Oh boy did this chapter come out of left field. A puppy for rogue is such a great idea I've never seen in rogan fics before, but it makes 100% sense. She can even play with him with her gloves off since he has a coat of fur. So cute!
I have to say I was a little shocked that logan would touch her without her consent, since he is so big on not hurting her (assuming the touches hurt her too) but you made it super clear that her first thought is for logan's well-being, and he's no dumb*ss, who can read that in her. I'm not bent out about it, I think it's a great addition, and am sure it will come into play in her overcoming the fear of her own mutation.
You did an awesome job with this fic, I love every bit of its sweet rogany goodness! I wish it would never end
Love, love XOXO!
1/26/2018 c8 TurquoiseCowgirl
Wow, you did a beautiful job on this chapter. I'm so enjoying this fic and the dance these two characters have. Best writing of the claw reveal EVER! :)
Love, love! XOXO
11/30/2017 c1 Clara Rose Stark
I have re-read this story many times in hopes of an update. I love everything about it. it had been years but I do hope for an update one dayWell done!
5/18/2017 c21 Guest
Please please updat soon I know it's been years but it's so good :)
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