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9/21/2019 c27 Guest
Would love more updates please. Love the story, though would love to see more fluff with key and ana
4/30/2016 c18 TheSpicyMurloc
3/8/2016 c26 7systrami
Oh wow, long time no see.

This chapter really shows Ana's growth - both as a character and a druid. Aaaand just how corrupted she's becoming owing to that soul gem. But to save Key, well one must do anything *insertwinkhere* :)

Not gonna lie, Darky. I had to go back and reread a few chapters because I couldn't remember what was going on. But thanks for updating and letting us know you're still out there! :D
3/6/2016 c26 PotatoGuest

I'm gonna have to read some few chapters to get into the plot again. I am SO SUPER HAPPY this is going! I remember smiling and giggling by myself as I read from chapter to chapter so I am going to have a good experience re-reading this!
8/7/2015 c25 Daisy
Aaah so great! :D i hope youll update soon cause your story is soo amazing and addicting and awesome and youre awesome and everything is great and...yeah. Lol. Please update. I think i might go insane if you dont.
:D 3
1/11/2015 c24 Nakrato
Nice to see a new chap m8, Keep up the good work
12/14/2013 c22 Suneeku
You go Ver! Go save Ana! And win over Ana Key! Loving this story so far!
6/20/2013 c21 systrami
THERE YOU ARE! I've missed you terribly! :)

Just a question: is the title misspelled? Should it not be "then" rather than "than"? (I'm not sure, English not being my first language. Just wanted to check!)

Heehee, loved it when Umber said "Remember last time we were here? *winkwink*"! And hey, I distinctly remember you saying there would be no hunters in this story (and I was so disappointed). *crosses fingers* plz be troll hunter plz be troll hunter.

Liked that Ver thought about Shana - that she's not as experienced as she wants to appear. Glad someone else noticed :)

And Key! NOOOO. You'd better stage a major rescue where he sweeps Ana of her feet and kisses her and erm...ANYWAY. Love how he's so protective of her!

BTW, was walzing around in Silvermoon a while ago. And guess who I spotted lurking in Murder Row? KEYANOMIR! And of course he was hanging around with a scantily-clad succubus (what else). That must have been in his pre-BtFW days, when he was still a playboy :D

Glad to see you updated again Darky! And er, not to be pushy or anything, but please try to update at least once before Blizzcon? ;)
6/11/2013 c21 1SpiralofDragon
Yes! A new chapter! I was starting to wonder where you'd vanished to.

No Key! Please be ok :(
6/11/2013 c21 Guest
Yay! You're back!
2/15/2013 c20 DemonAbove
Such a good but short chapter lol! This is my inspiration to you to get writing more! We all need to know what happens next so don't keep us waiting!
2/13/2013 c20 TheBecksterr
This. Is. Awesome! :D I really hope you're still updating this story! :3
1/15/2013 c20 KagomeAngel91
I would hate to be caught ...I fear trolls more than I fear the undead
1/7/2013 c20 7systrami
I've had a terrible New Years, being in so much pain that I was unable to sleep at all. Thankfully, I had your story to keep me occupied at least for a few then you updated! Best Christmas present ever!

My thoughts when I read this chapter (in no particular order)(okay, in chronological order...):

1.) What did Anaiya stumble over in her dream? I'm thinking a head. Without its body. Possibly Key's, since he wasn't there. But then, why would everyone stare angrily at Ana?

2.) "Back with the group, where things could go back to normal and she could forget about the foolish feelings that were stirring within her." - What foolish feelings? Her obsession with the soulgem or her obsession infatuation with Key?

3.) I feel Key should be more gloating about the fact that he and Ana kissed. Moahaha.

4.) I like that you’re illustrating the cultural differences between night elves and blood elves. The N-elves worship the moon and are obviously night creatures (duh!) and B-elves worship the sun and would be morning people.

5.) I couldn’t help but think “Mine. My own. My precioussssss.”. Ana is getting overly attached to the soulgem and Sam Key is offering to carry it and ease her burden. How will this affect the fellowship!? *le gasp* And is The Nightmare starting to take over Ana?

6.) Trolls! I love trolls.

7.) No wait, I think that’s about it…

Thanks for updating and I’m looking forward to next chapter (hopefully you’ll update a little sooner than six months from now? Please?) (no pressure!).

Happy 2013 Darky!

Love, Systrami
12/30/2012 c20 Guest
Very good chapter!
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