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10/21/2012 c19 KagomeAngel91
Oh wow . This took so long to read but I caught up. I love this story. It grasps alot of key factors
10/9/2012 c18 Kaestal
This story is beyond good, it is a work of art.
8/14/2012 c19 7systrami
I didn't see your update until now, because my traitorous phone decided to not show the alert e-mail. It's going in the trash now. Serves it right. Oh well.

I got a few chuckles from Krom. The guy must loooove his fossils, considering he named both his mount and his ship after them. I liked the fact that a certain someone nudged his thoughts and that he reacted to it. I'm wondering what Ysera's plan is and why she's putting together this group.

Loved the Bessany part of this chapter. She's an interesting character - kind of keeps in the background and doesn't really speak up unless necessary. Reminds me a bit of myself :). I especially loved the "'And here I am, in the Barrens anyway. Imagine that,' she mused to herself." for some reason.

I'm wondering a bit about Shana. It seems like her personality changed a lot from the first time we saw her. Back then she was kind of timid and nervous about the quest in Ghostlands and needed a little appreciation from Key. Now she's more of a bitter (dare I say it?) hag. On the other hand - maybe it's intentional? To illustrate how much she dislikes hanging around the Alliance - especially now that Key's not there with them. Maybe have a segment of a chapter from her point of view sometime?

Looking forward to the next chapter where hopefully Ana and Key will show up and the rest will arrive in Booty Bay. (I'm kind of wanting to see Umber be all "Remember the last time we were here? *insert wink here*" to Verfanas) (Yes, I read your other story. No I haven't reviewed or anything. Sorry). (I promise I will!) (Okay, no more parenthesis now...)

I will try to fav this story again, even though I already have. Can't fav enough! I love it so much! :)
8/5/2012 c19 AuntMetis
I just found this story, and I'm so hooked. I like the twists in the plot. Please update soon!

7/26/2012 c19 aaron
Woohooooo lol i was so looking forward to this update! And as usual you did it perfectly! :-) lol I absolutely love this group and the care u put into all their different personalities. I can't wait for ur next update. So glad u are able to update again.

-sincerely, your #1 fan
7/25/2012 c19 2Shingie

I haven't read this yet but I apologize for not reviewing the last chapter which I will get around to it but omg yay I'm so happy you haven't forgotten about this story. xD
7/16/2012 c18 Ilovefanfics
I have been waiting quite a bit for next chapter. To the author, be warned: If you do not finish this brilliant heart touching story that makes all the books I have ever read seem inferior, I will be very mad. So mad I would wanna rip someone's nipples off if they touched me. I LOVE THIS FAN FICTION IT SO WELL WRITTEN AND MARVOULOUS! Please do not give up on it ;'(
7/16/2012 c18 honestreviewer
THIS IT ONE OF THE BEST STORIES I HAVE EVER READ. Really good fanfics like this are incredubly rare, I enjoyed literally every second of it! I am so looking forward to next chapter, I just am literally dying to find how Key and Ana turn out in the end! Lastly, no matter how this ends... KEY & ANA FOREVER!
7/3/2012 c18 Guest
Hey I've been reading your story now and just made it to the last chapter, or finished it rather. This story is absolutely amazing! I love it, and its just started gettingreally juicy. I see that you haven't updated in a long time, just wanted to say that I would love it if you continued that story. PS. The party members all make me laugh, and I just really enjoy this story, last time imma say it promise lol. I've read a lot of books and just from your plot and story, details etc. This could be published for real. And if you can get it finished I would totally do it if I were you:-) - you have a dedicated fan here! - PPS: I don't have an account on here or anything but my name is Aaron
5/3/2012 c18 Siekai
More please. Love the character personalities.
4/26/2012 c18 7systrami
I adore this plot! (!) I love how the first chapters built the foundation, then they were thrown together and the story took off. Most fanfics I've read are all girl meets boy. Boy is from opposite faction. They need to hide their love, etc. etc. But this! This has a meaning behind it. I haven't played WoW for very long (started a few months before Cata, so I love all the lore in the story that I hadn't heard before.

I thought Ana's sulking moments in this chapter were just spot on! I mean, what female hasn't done that and had her boyfriend all "but honey...I never said that" "No, but I know you're thinking it! You think I'm fat/worthless/stupid :'(" . Gee, I know I have! :D

And I've noticed a distinct lack of hunters in this story! I request moar hunters! :D Can't wait for the next update
1/10/2012 c1 3TheEngine
i just wanted to say that I've read the first three chapters and I'm really, really enjoying it so far. Keep up the GREAT work!
1/8/2012 c18 Mordecai711
I loved it as usual. :) you've yet to write anything that doesn't meet the outstanding and exceptional mark. I had to stop and get the laughing out of my system at the part of umber having the Illegal herbs. That just made the whole chapter all that much better to me. Keep up the good work! I'll be seeing you on WoW soon i hope, plans to get the account back up this month
12/27/2011 c17 2Shingie
PS: I enjoy all characters equally. They all add a unique component to the reluctant gang of adventurers, and would not mind them equally sharing POVs (although Anaiya & Key should have the most POV-time, for they are the main characters) throughout the whole story.. Although we've yet to get a proper POV from Laris and Bessany, so maybe from those?
12/27/2011 c17 Shingie
*cough* I realize this is uber late. Please don't hit me.

Yay Key and Anaiya are finally going to spend quality time together. Alone. *waggles eyebrows* Obligatory Key-style perverted comment here. lols but in all seriousness, I do hope they do find some semblance of civilization soon, for they sure won't last long in the heat and wilderness. Also I'm excited to see how their characters and their relationship will develop after this.

The little commentary you inject in here despite the gravity of the situation is killing me. My favorite ones are "She blessed Elune's magic that let her keep her clothing when shifting, or becoming herself again would make for some very awkward situations." and "To entertain herself she pictured the Druid using a kitty litter box." LMAO. I laughed SO hard when everybody in this chapter and the previous one was all having this foreboding, symobic dream of great significance and danger and Laris's dream is completely irrelevant. BWAHAHA.

You shafted Shana on the sidelines since Key and her joined Verfanas and co., leaving her to say something snarky here and there, and I think this is the first time she has gotten her own POV since then; I thought perhaps it was because she was a multi-faced character who was going to double-cross them or something. lolz My guessing skills suck.

One thing that confused me about this chapter was the constant shift of POV when you transitioned from Shana, Ver, and the goblin without warning; although I do enjoy viewing from the POV of other characters, it gets confusing and jarring for the narrative. A line break or something would be good to show a change in POV. Other than that, pristine writing as usually. *nodnod* Sorry this review isn't as long as my previous. Q.Q Good luck writing and I look forward to the next chapter. :3 Update soon please.
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