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12/13/2011 c14 Takno
The answer to the question: "How could blood elf females stand their male counterparts?" as my blood elf rogue would've answered "It's easy, we don't... Or well... Atleast I don't"
11/17/2011 c17 Mordecai711
I love it! as usual. Poor little ana, such a chain of unluck starting with that teleporter.
11/9/2011 c16 2Shingie
Oh my effing God. Or Elune. This is such a fantastic adventure story - it's got everything, action, humor, mystery intrigue, erratic prophetic dreams, distinctive characters, and best of all witty dialogue with romance. Squee! x3 How do you NOT have more reviews. This is criminal. Absolutely criminal.

First off, you're killing me with these dream symbols, they seems meaningless... or do they? Gah! xD I can't figure out if you're just typing out nonsensical stuff or being prophetic foreshadowing lol. I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure it out.

I simply LOVE the action in this. I'm not mad at all that you took 9 chapters to introduce the characters; man oh man I literally rofled every narcissistic moment comment Key had of himself LMAO. Just the placement of them in the situations of great gravitas was hysterical. Valwyn's death was really moving and made me really sad :( Even though I didn't know much about her. So kudos to you as an author. Right. I was talking about the action. It's just so perfectly written just augh. I have no word for their epicness and how you keep me reading and spellbound and rapt throughout the whole scene.

I must admit, I read the first chapter a bit ago and stopped reading because I dismissed it as a story that wouldn't have any plot but just romance and I was like bleh. :/ MAN OH MAN I was SO wrong! I'm really glad that I got into this story. I love the mystery of it all - Anaiya's father, the soul gem, and the whole thing with the weirdo Spiritbreaker (who made me laugh so hard lol) mentioning something about a sacrifice - oh noes, will there be a character death? :-( I think I might cry, I really like all of the six (or seven?) characters.

Also HOW cute was Laris when he was all, "okay, if I survive this I'mma go back and marry Jemma" XD Bwhaha I guess it does take a near death experience to really appreciate what you have, huh?

Also, totally digging the classic love/hate relationship between Anaiya and Key; that trope never gets old :-) I really like Anaiya's character too - she has really progressed a lot from that naive little night elf who was failing as a priestess. The witty banter and the passes Key just makes at her... hehe his pick up lines are so bad I get like secondhand embarrassment from reading them. xDDD

Also forever amused at the parallelism to Lord of the Rings - six different species of beings set out for an adventure. LOL @ The title of Chapter Nine!

Your writing is really good. Like, really really good. I love your description - from describing the heart beating action to the peaceful tranquility of the Emerald Dream. I also appreciate that you don't put in pointless scenes; I note that every scene is significant in its own way to either further the plot or add character development (how cute was Anaiya when she first transformed by accident! haha). and your characters and just everything about this story. This is like the epitome of the perfect story to unwind after a trying day of real life. You know how most of the stories here on ff.net are complete crap and which almost makes you want to give up all hope on this site, and then you find that one story that's really a gem and worth sifting through all that crap that makes you want to pull out your eyelids? Well, this story is one of those gems that made the wade through stories of crap worthwhile :)

*_* Sigh. I just love this story and I've probably mortified myself beyond repair so I'll just stop rambling now and wrap it up.

PS: How does this story NOT have more reviews? Also, I look very much forward to the next update, but no rush :3
11/6/2011 c16 goodmorningtoyou
alone atlast. 3 the story
11/5/2011 c16 KnownAsNydra
Now that, is a wicked cliff hanger lol. I can't wait for the next chapter, this one turned out amazing :)
11/4/2011 c16 1SpiralofDragon
AH! Cliffhanger! That was a really good chapter. I hope more comes out soon - can't wait to see what happens.
11/4/2011 c16 2ThatSmallWeirdo
Ah, the suspense! Another great chapter, as always! Keep up the great work :)
10/28/2011 c15 Guest
one more question! Are they speaking the same language?sorry I'm such a lore nerd, its just a too good of a story to not understand parts of it...
10/25/2011 c15 Mordecai711
Yeah dark. Bring the poor speaker some tea, it's a wonder he didn't cough up dust, hes tea deprived, So cruel :] Gonna make him wither away to bones, I kid i kid, Love the work. Keep it up and Have fun!
9/29/2011 c15 Kashari
Excellent, please do faster updates ;-)
9/10/2011 c14 Guest
shouldn't key be suffering from withdrawal by now cause of not being around magic? Love the story btw
9/3/2011 c14 Guest
I think your story is worth, I love it very much: )
8/23/2011 c13 Guest
continue! This is an awesome series!
8/23/2011 c13 12littleblueshadow
this fic is amazing! you really have talant for writting. I mean this story has everything great characters with diffrent personalities that you can see clearly, the plot is strong and the chapters are nice and lengthy. I expecally liked it when they had the snow ball fight I've always wanted a story on WOW that everyone just had a snowball fight instead of an actual fight so well penned. ^^

7/29/2011 c12 2ThatSmallWeirdo
You finally posted the next chapter! I really enjoy a good story, and i just LOVE this one. I've been hooked since the very first chapter and i hope you can get the inspiration to write the next chapter soon. ^.^
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