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for Beyond the Four Winds

7/29/2011 c12 Guest
I'm so enjoying reading this.
7/29/2011 c12 Nakrato
Awesome chapter, well written, didn't notice any grammatical errors or stupid sentences(if that is is spelled correctly,lol) anywho, the fighting scenes were definently good, and I like the way you portray the emotions of the characters, keep it up.
7/5/2011 c11 1SpiralofDragon
The characters are finally coming together! This is a great story, definitely one of my favorites here. Definitely make sure to keep going. I can't wait to see what happens next!
7/4/2011 c11 Nakrato
Fantastick story dude, can't wait to next update!
7/4/2011 c11 Guest
O no, no, no, don't stop, more, please!
7/4/2011 c11 2ThatSmallWeirdo
Ah i just love this story so much! The plot and characters are just amazing and well thought out. You are also very descriptive and it lets you picture everything that's happening in your mind. Please update soon :D This is one of my favorite WoW fanfic's.
6/21/2011 c10 Nakrato
Okay dude, I just read through all 10 chapters, and I gotta that I can't wait 'till the next update, awesome story/plot, great and beliveable characters. amazing potraits of emotions and an al around fantastic story, good forune to you sir!
6/21/2011 c7 Mr.Destructo
I would have bubble hearthed out of there as soon as Dar'Khan showed up
6/20/2011 c10 ThatSmallWeirdo
Yay you finally posted another chapter! It was great as always, and I'm impatiently waiting for more. Dang you RIFT! I heard it's really good though, so i can see why you haven't updated for a while. I love this story. Please update soon!
6/20/2011 c10 000
It's fantastic! I adore your story!
5/19/2011 c9 Kashari
Thanks for the update, can't wait for the next one, very well written!
4/30/2011 c7 Guest
I really like the way this story is going. It's well written and grabs your attention. Please update it soon.
4/28/2011 c8 1TooGingerForAName
This is definitely a cool story, and fairly well written. It kinda reminds me of WoW Lord of the Rings in a way, with Anaiya's possessiveness of the trinket. Update soon!
4/14/2011 c6 2ThatSmallWeirdo
I absolutely love this story! Please update soon, i cant wait for the next chapter. Keep up the great work! : )
3/11/2011 c7 AM
Love it, can't wait for you to continue it, the characters are great, hooked me from the start!
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