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for EO Drabbles, 2011

5/1/2011 c19 29CeCe Away
The boys are off to London. I'd love to see that.
5/1/2011 c19 17Paulathe Cat
Really love a bit about pie. Or even pi. Very cute!
4/26/2011 c18 2Brightshadow-chi
it was great, loved Cas's revenge, the poor guy has every right to be angry with the boys ;)
4/26/2011 c2 17Paulathe Cat
Seriously funny! Ha!
4/26/2011 c6 Paulathe Cat
Aww... sweet!
4/26/2011 c2 Paulathe Cat
Seriously funny! Ha!
4/26/2011 c18 411OpheliacAngel
OMG, I loved this

Great drabble :D
4/20/2011 c17 29CeCe Away
Now that is how you do an active drabble.
4/17/2011 c17 83sammygirl1963
Oh, love how you did this one from the gun's point of view. Just like the Impala, their weapons try to take care of them too. Awesome!
4/5/2011 c15 2Brightshadow-chi
God, it was cute.
4/4/2011 c15 29CeCe Away
Je t'aime! That's awesome.
4/3/2011 c15 90Indigo2831
Weirdest drabble ever, but so sweet. Good job!
3/29/2011 c14 212PlatinumRoseLady
This was really clever - I like what you did.

Poor Dean - does he need someone to cuddle those bad dreams away?

*Bats eyelashes*
3/29/2011 c13 PlatinumRoseLady
*Giggles* Very very cute! That Dean's got a one-track mind, huh?
3/28/2011 c14 218MeAzrael
Hahaha :-) LOL! Now, it's not exactly a prank but I really loved the idea... shooting paintballs to a furious werewolf... or having this sort of dreams because of an ongoing prank war - nice one, Voices!

xxx Kate
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