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9/6/2011 c1 Eclectic Me
Oh, and I meant to add, you're an Abba fan, aren't you? lol Does Your Mother Know is one of my favorite songs from them!
9/6/2011 c6 Eclectic Me
Ooh, I love this so far! One thing that you might want to fix, after the first chapter you change from first to third person, and then in the last you slip back into first at rather an awkward moment. Personally, I prefer 3rd. Wow, that was a hell of an introduction Don gave, lol! Sorry but I don't have any ideas about Raph and Mikey. Shame that they're squabbling just after watching the concert and saving Nadya's life together. Looking forward to reading more!
9/5/2011 c6 D'Fuentes
Cool. Update soon please.
3/25/2011 c5 71CrazyNutSquirrel
I haz a suggestion. It is of epic proportions. THERE MUST BE A NEW UPDATE AND IT MUST INVOLVE DONNY HEALING NADYA AND LEO GIVING RAPH A LECTURE AND RAPH BEING TOO WORRIED ABOUT NADYA TO CARE. And then there must be singing. Oh yes there must... And btw, I liked Master Splinter using the shell cell. ;D That was just plain cute.
3/14/2011 c6 CrazyNutSquirrel
OH NOES! THE GIRL NEEDETH TO LIIIIIIIIIVE! Ooooooooh... does Leo know about this? :D He's gonna throw a FIT...! :D That would be so totally awesome and hilarious. And I loved how Raph mentioned the purple hair out loud even though he hadn't intended to. XD And Mikey being the only one who could understand him was fantastic and inspired! :D I hope your muse returns to you. :)
2/4/2011 c5 13Alu In Chains
Haha, I couldn't help but giggle at the image of Master Splinter tinkering with the shell cell, so confused on how it worked. Love it when old people do that, it's too funny to me. xD

Also love the tension in these chapters too! I can't wait for the next update! Hope Nadya will be all right...
2/4/2011 c6 16D'Fuentes
This caught my attention...keep going.

What happens next? She opens her eyes and sees...green... :-)
2/1/2011 c4 21Halloween Witch
I'm glad that i was able to give you some help for the chapter, as for more advise or help, you defiantly should have the girl and Raph run into each other again, but maybe this time have the guys or at least one of them or Casey with him. I think that could make a cool scene.

Quick question though, with your main character, are you setting her up with Raph in this story? With the way you set it up, i can see her easily with him, but if not, then that's your choice.

By the way, the purple hair was a nice touch, a hair color that's not often use and its my favorite color. Love it.

Can't wait for the next chapter!

Halloween Witch
1/31/2011 c4 4MadMady
Keiba, this is awesome sis!

I have no ideas for your next chapter, sorry...but at least i reviewed it!

1/30/2011 c3 13Alu In Chains
I really do love your writing style! If only the chapters didn't seem so short but that's ok. I thought it was pretty funny how the turtle she came across left when she wasn't looking(was it Raphael? Just guessing).

I can't wait for more, I really hope you update soon! Writer's block sucks, I can never cure it... =(
1/30/2011 c3 21Halloween Witch
Sure, i can review for you. I thought that in the first chapter when you had your main character throw away that crowbar, it would hit Mikey, not Raph. And then the small scene with him kinda freaked out that your main character wasn't afraid of him was really nice, since most people would be afraid of a five-something foot turtle with weapons. I hope that she runs into him again, maybe another time on her way home or on New Years strike of Midnight. Are you planning to put him or another brother together with this main character? I love story that have some love in them. Will Raph tell his brothers and father about what happened? A small scene with that could be nice, with like Leo worrying over where he's been and then he lets it slip that he was out in a dumpster and a woman or young girl found him, saw him and talked to him, sending Leo over the edge. Just like always.

Does that cover enough? I can't wait to see your next chapter!

Halloween Witch
1/3/2011 c1 noname
interesting style you have...

though, as you claim, you have little knowlege of newyork, you did well. the brooklyn bridge is around manhatten-an island that is a part of new york. manhatten is the "buisness" sector of new york, though there are residents in the city. google can help out a lot when in a bind, so dont fret.

(gomen, if you find anything wrong with this review)

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