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for Hinatas Secret Life the rewrite

1/13/2011 c2 Sweet-n-Sour-Vixen
Wow! go hinata, go hinata. OMG! I can't wait for the next chapter! please update soon, i need my readinng crack soon!
1/13/2011 c1 Sweet-n-Sour-Vixen
Omg! I totally love the rewrite of this story. i thouught i love the first story but i love this one tooo. You are adding so much more details in this rewrite i love it this is offical my reading crack i can't get enough of this story. I'm off to read the second chapter now! Whoa! i can't wait for the rest of the chapters
1/13/2011 c2 Animefan111
oh ho-ho! im very curious to how the next chapter is going to be! NaruHina all the way! cant wait for the next chapter now big time lol
1/11/2011 c1 1JaMisa27
1/8/2011 c1 inadey
This is really good. This is better then the original by far.
1/7/2011 c1 HiNAPRiNCESS22
I like the old alot! But this new is starting out pretty good!
1/4/2011 c1 Ireallywanttodeletethisaccount
WOOT go Hinata! Take action, be the boss! :D

I've never thought of what it would be like if Hinata was adopted into the Uchiha clan, and so far I'm really interested. But what I'm rather confused on is the fact on whether she's an Uchiha by blood or by adoption. I'm not sure on how/why/on what grounds she was disowned either. lol the answer's prolly really obvious, but I'm stupid so...yea. :P

This is really good overall. Keep writing! :)
1/4/2011 c1 4Mistress of DarkShadow

i like this one better
1/4/2011 c1 4Flameraven
Loved "The Secret life of Hyuuga Hinata" back when it first came out but I do prefer this first chapter.

Much more detail and Hinata being in the Uchiha clan already could make things easier if the plan goes like it did. I do want to see Sasuke's reaction to having a sister though.
1/4/2011 c1 1IAmNotAPickle
This is brilliant. The story is so interesting I hope you write more soon!
1/3/2011 c1 11Dani-chanime
:) good job. I did not read the original, but i still like this version :p

Oh! And did you knotice that you spelled chunin 'chounin'? Yeah... Well... Please update!
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