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5/18 c74 13creativesm75
3/11 c10 Guest
I still can't stand Bail. "Who took you from me" really?who did you take Leia from? Some nerve he has.
Also if obi-wan had not shown up Padme might very well have been fine.
Aside from that this is great so far.
3/11 c4 Guest
I can't stand Bail in this I hope he meets an unpleasant end.
1/12 c48 thunderofdeath97
why didn't anakin/vader read piett's mind? is he still weak from the surgery?
1/13 c71 14thunderofdeath97
padme certainly had no problem forgiving him earlier, seems a bit weird that she is just now acting on this, doesn't it? and anakin didn't really kill windu, i mean sure he helped, but palpatine is the one who electrocuted him and tossed him out of the window
1/12 c59 thunderofdeath97
no urru lusts for padme, he doesn't love her, then again anakin lusted for her to, i mean let's all be honest, there really wasnt enough time for anakin and padme to fall in love with one another, they met briefly when he was 9 and she was 14, then spent 10 yrs apart, and then boom they want to marry and have kids? seems fishy to me
1/11 c10 thunderofdeath97
actually its bail's own biased truth
12/14/2020 c1 1Arizeri
Good story
10/8/2020 c59 Spidersauce
Urru does not love Padmé. He barely knows her.
10/8/2020 c49 Spidersauce
Knew this would happen with Piett as soon as they held him in the Executor's brig instead of bringing him to the Eclipse. Bit disappointed lol
10/7/2020 c44 Spidersauce
Again, yes he's slipping to the Darkness because everyone are too fucking scared to actually talk to him about anything. They don't even bring it to his attention that they think him using the Dark Side is a bad thing, and he's so used to it that he doesn't either. So if they continue never saying anything, naturally nothing will change.
10/7/2020 c43 Spidersauce
Again, Padmé is wanting Vader to change without actually telling him that. Just expecting it to spontaneously happen.
10/7/2020 c41 Spidersauce
She keeps complaining about his Darkness but she isn't actually doing anything about it. He thinks there's nothing wrong because she hasn't let him know that she doesn't like it. She's far too passive and that will cause problems
10/7/2020 c36 Spidersauce
Urru needs to fuck off. He doesn't know Vader in the slightest and yet he's talking like he understands him entirely.
10/7/2020 c35 Spidersauce
Really not liking Urru tbh.
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