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9/30/2020 c3 6Narniaisinmycloset
this ain't gonna end well
1/28/2020 c42 4Njehm
Hey there!

You might have noticed with all the spam, I devoured the full fic in a few days and I had planned to go back leave a quick comment on each chapter that caught my attention but then I realised that ALL chapters were worth praising, even if I'm years too late.

Last week. while sorting emails I stumbled on an old alert for chapter 42 and then thought “of right, I remember that fic”.

Clearly, I. DIDN’T.

God, I didn’t remember how good this fic was. Each chapter kept me torn between amusement when you kept torturing Roy again and again and amazement when you managed to get the dynamic between each character to be so right. Everything is perfect: Alphonse’s candor, Hughes doubts about his friend’s motivations, the frustration and anger the bet is inflicting on their friendship, Roy blindness about his feelings, the hot desire Roy and Ed share (nailed that one), Ed’s silence about his past... speaking of which, I like the fact that you never had a chapter from Ed’s point of view, it reinforces the feeling of secrecy surrounding Ed’s past in Germany and the scars he’s trying to hide. I’ve got a strong feeling I know who Ed’s previous lover is. The doujinshi 1921 by Ninekoks popped into my mind every time Ed shuts down in front of Roy’s or Al’s question about his time on the other side of the Gate. But you haven’t let much filter. The suspense is killing me XD

Now that I’ve re-read everything, I’m gagging for another chapter – as anyone should be: star-eyed and drooling at your feet, begging for more. But I know how real life can be a bitch (it took me 10 years to finish my own RoyEd fic. Ten flippin' year). So I’ll only send you all my love and positivity for all your current projects, fic or not fic. 3
Please take care !
1/28/2020 c34 Njehm
This chapter is a masterpiece. The way Ed’s mood turns from tipsy to melancholic is bringing a sweet feeling of depression to their relationship. This hug on the sidewalk is saying so much with so little words. My heart was bleeding on the floor by the time Roy and Ed left the street to cuddle like an old couple. THIS IS SO SWEET. D’:
1/28/2020 c17 Njehm
Ed tempting his former officer into his trap like a masterful courtesan... I almost feel sorry for Roy. This chapter is endearing and hot at the same time. I don’t know how you manage to do this. *_*
1/28/2020 c12 Njehm
If Ed’s question about erect phallus did not kill me, the half flirting half bickering that followed did. You’re a genius.
1/28/2020 c11 Njehm
Fantasies or when the general whispers enough salacious ideas in Roy's ear to make him accept his fate and start planning his way into his infuriating subordinate’s pants. Well played!
1/28/2020 c10 Njehm
Roy’s thoughts are derailing so fast it’s like a train with skids instead of flanged wheels . Of course, you had to add butter on the tracks with Ed engulfing delicious, phallic-shaped, cream-filled pastries, You sadistic author (not that I’m complaining of course ).
1/28/2020 c9 Njehm
Well the title says it all, but Roy’s denial is so strong and so panicky it never failed to make me chuckle. XD poor Roy.
1/28/2020 c8 Njehm
I love the dynamic between Roy and Ed in this chapter. Ed's rough spontaneity was dimmed by aging and his time in Germany, but he's still sharp enough to brush Roy the wrong way and leave him intrigued. Blame it on the bet and the general to transform this mixed feeling into the beginning of attraction... Roy can slam the brakes all he can, we all know it's too late! :D
9/7/2019 c42 Guest
Ah! I just discovered this story and it is amazing! I know that it's been over 2 years since you've last, updated, but I just wanted to let you know that you're a great writer!
2/26/2019 c42 trajik007
This has been abandoned, hasn't it? That makes me want to cry. Truly amazing story. If you ever do come back here, I hope you see this. I wish I could give you free time and inspiration to finish. One of the best fics I've read. Thank you for sharing your brain.
2/13/2019 c1 Tqella
Hey dear author - I just remembered your fic and came to check on it, i thought i would let ypu know that this is literally the most memorable fic i've ever read, like ocasionally it pops in my head and i come see how it is, literally the only fic i still remember even after so many years of having reading it! I hope you are well, and wanted to let you know i love your writing. All the best!
11/29/2018 c1 8NamaeWaLuzi
Omg I was shocked when I noticed you have actually updated this in 2017!

I just want you to know that we are waiting for you to continue and we luv you.
11/4/2018 c42 37TheIncredibleDancingBetty
PLEASE tell me that you haven't abandoned this story!
I'm going nuts here. My husband is deployed, I'm watching my three kids plus 3 more and a disabled parent. Let me tell you that binge reading this story, in the tiny little time breaks I was allowed, through the week, has been super restorative! This mental escape that you have provided me, in the guise of a beautifully written, highly engaging story, has been wonderful beyond words. Thank you so much for writing this!
Again, please tell me it isn't abandoned!
10/16/2018 c42 7Alice.in.Workland
Hello dear, I just finished your story, and I HAVE to tell you how much I loved it, even if it's not over (at least I hope so).

When I first found your fiction, I already knew that it wasn't finished yet and that you hadn't uploaded in a long time, but... I don't know, I still felt like I had to read it. And boy, do I regret it? ABSOLUTLY NOT.

Well... Maybe I regret a bit. Cause now, I have to wait for the following chapters. BUT. I had such a great time reading it that I wouldn't even hold a grudge on you if you decided that you couldn't keep on wiriting...! I know how RL can impact your writing schedule, and sometimes just screw it up. I hope you can still find time to write, it would be a shame to stop something you like to do (and something you're good at!), but I totally get it.

I still had to tell you how great your story is. I love how you write your characters. One thing that annoyes me in some fanfictions is OOC. I know it's difficult to stay in character, but you did an amazing job at it. On Roy, of course, but especially on Edward, who is, I think, very difficult to write, especially if you don't want to write him just like in the manga or the anime.

I was a bit sceptic at the beginning because I don't really like the 2003 anime, and I can't even remember Shamballa all that well (even if I watched it and I remember liking it). But you use that timeline very well, particularly the WWII context, and its permanent effect on Ed (I really liked it when Ed just jumped on the homophobic jerk who kept insulting him and Roy in the showers, his reaction is very realistic, considering what he had to go through in Germany. I loved imagining him insulting the guy in german, haha).

I obviously can't talk about everything, but I love how complex and interesting is Roy and Maes' relationship, and how Roy's and Ed's changes with time. You also manage to write very well written smut, huhu.

I'm gonna stop there, but just know that you wrote an amazing story, and even if it doesn't have a lot of plot like you seem to say in your bio (or at least less than in your other stories), you still wrote something very well structured and great!

English is not my mother tongue either so I hope I at least make sense, and... see you, maybe?

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