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for Creature of the Night

2/18/2017 c1 6Daisypjohp
Amazing job!
12/19/2011 c1 jeangary28
Really loved the first chapter
8/31/2011 c3 11euphoricxdreamer
That was awesome!
2/13/2011 c3 booksandmusiclover
please please write more! i really want to see what edward and bella do/go through( and not the perverted way) i mean i just want to see how they act as a family and going throught the wedding and stuff.
2/9/2011 c3 dead deeds
i liked! have you thought about continuing this?
1/26/2011 c3 1devilthroughandthrough
I love this chapter and all the others before it keep up the good work
1/25/2011 c3 15callistana
Aww, this little ficlet was adorable from start to finish! I started smiling as soon as I read the first paragraph - Bella's truck breaking down is such a wonderful missing moment and her reaction to it is so hilarious. Loved all the Rocky Horror references too - I think it's so typical of Emmett to make that connection and then tease Bella mercilessly about it! ;)

P.S - why don't I have you on author alert yet? This is a crime, surely. Rectifying this immediately!
1/25/2011 c3 laurafc1107
that was great! well written and funny
1/16/2011 c3 4BernieR
Omg girl, that was hilarious! You know how I agree with u and the significance of the song. I can't get the song outta my head now, and that's perfectly ok. :)
1/15/2011 c3 radioactive77
I loved this little piece. I really appreciate the canon E and B that you put out there. Very awesome.
1/15/2011 c3 weml
Loved this and sorry that it is finished.
1/15/2011 c3 bloodlustXlove
I loved it! I have been listening to creature of the night all day because of your story!
1/11/2011 c2 bloodlustXlove
Loved it! Cant wait for the next chapter. Is it going to be the last one or are you thinking of continuing? Maybe do something till the wedding?

Going to go listen to the creature of the night song now :)


1/10/2011 c2 4one2love
it's really good can't wait for the next chapter!
1/10/2011 c2 Tina82
Hey just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed Chapter 1 and I look forward to reading chapter 2! Will you be continuing this story for awhile? I think it would be great if you did!
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