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6/11/2012 c10 gossipgracey
This chapter was brilliant. Please write more!
6/11/2012 c10 12MuggleBornWY
Damn, are you serious? Another cliffhanger? Sheesh, you're becoming an expert at it - or perhaps, you already are one, aye?

I found this story just today, and though I'm not much of an Edward/Bella fan since they're mostly cliched plots and so, I was pleasantly taken aback by how you absorbed my attention with your wonderful writing style, captivating plot and the progression of Edward and Bella's relationship.

Do keep up the awesome work and I'm surely, looking forward to more of this wonderful fic!

6/9/2012 c10 2CalMom72
I absolutely love this story. The recklessness of Isabella is a bit annoying but how else would the story progress. Please update soon.
6/7/2012 c10 2aprildk87
I can't wait for another chapter! Anytime soon?
6/7/2012 c1 2CalMom72
Fantastic first chapter. I'll be taking it to bed with me to read on!
6/4/2012 c1 amy
ahhhhh! a cliffy! plz do update soon. love this fan fic ALOT!
6/4/2012 c10 fan of urs
wow fantastic thank u first for updating! i had left hope but when i checked i had 3 chap. this time will wait patiently. it it edward who has clamped her mouth isn't it? i hope so! anyways i all ur stories,continue the great work ! plz try to update soon !
6/4/2012 c10 READ ME

6/3/2012 c10 anamaf
please update soon!

love the story :)
6/3/2012 c10 4Queen of True Love
What? nooooo, Updateee!
6/3/2012 c10 2Wooleywews
Holy crapomolie. This story's getting even MORE intense! Poor Mrs. Maple... I am sort-of surprised that Bella still so easily and quickly blames Edward for every dark thing that she thinks is happening... Silly girl!

Cannot WAIT for the next chapie!
6/3/2012 c10 6Svaler
Well, I knew something bad was going to happen in this chapter, but it was a big shock that it ended well. James came, Bella threatened, they ran, escaped and then frigging Edward had to pry.

She even made a joke! Well done, Bella: Let it be known that this pathetic excuse for a man is both black and blue in the head and in his breeches!"

There is one thing that remains a mystery: Why does Edward keep his mouth shut? Is the turth indeed ugly? Or is it better for less people to know ..? Is Edward scared that may Bella get caught/ tortured, and she'll say the truth? So why why why won't he tell her?

That's so mean: "Spies who can run a lot faster than you and fight a lot better than you.". I was like... You try and run with a dress and a gunshout wound.

This indeed gives us something: "You could have been killed yourself! Or worse!"

Because there is something that is worse then death.. pain, humiliation, being treated in horrible manners...

he's being a little jokily with her.. I don't know why. I feel like I hate him, even though bella is right.. we don't know him..

I suppose Bella is right and that's why Edward shuts her up.

Of course Bella won't let herself be shut up. ;) I love her, though she does keep getting in major danger.

I don't remember how BElla got the AM knife? :( Edward gave it? Madam Corban?

I thought Edward's name was Cullen in this story.. :P

And yet again bella is shut up. This time by a hand on her mouth.

Usually you give us: I was staring at piecring green eyes. So know... Who is behind her?

Well that's it. I haven't got any more critic of compliments, just that I loved it and would love another quick update :D

OH... I'm still waiting to see how hurt Alice is when she realizes her dance with Jasper was no more then a bet... :)
6/3/2012 c9 Svaler
So I've already read both chapters (9 10), but I'm going to review now :)

Well, I read previous chapters (Bella being hit/beat something? And Bella being curious)

from chapter 6: Just like I felt his presence when he whipped me...what was he meaning by brown eyes, anyway? Maybe I should ask him tomorrow...perhaps he won't be so angry then...but I was told not to pry...but why will he not tell me...

And how they would be loud in my ears...the great beasts towering above me as he threw me into the stable when I had misbehaved...their stench, their snorts and scary...I must not talk back again...I must not laugh...I must not speak...

WHAT the hell happened to Isabella? Who treated her that way? And why did Bella only havo those (yeah, sorry I see her as Bella, not Isabella) flashbacks in her head when she had the bullet in her? With a past like that, more things should trigger her past to catch up with.

Also in this chapter it's so obvious Bella is simply a person that needs to know stuff. She feels like it's probably her job to also take care of the innocent, and if there's a slight chance that Edward is the bad guy, she'll have the power to stop him.

She keeps asking sebastian about the noble. What, when, why, who.

Sigh.. the snatcher..

A M. I already thought that could mean Anthony Masen.

"For those who go in do not come out!" Now that sentence has a lot of meaning. Since I know the content of chapter 10

Well, this chapter was indeed important to happen, at first I was like.. Okay? Now I want the next chapter. But as I read the next chapter, I knew this chapter wasn't a simple filler :)

It only does rais many questions, unfortunately..
6/3/2012 c10 TheTinyDancer
Apologies for the lack of reviewage lately, I've had barely any time, but I still LOVE this story, and the latest chapters have been making my breaks at work very entertaining!

What a cliffhanger though! I'm now even more desperate to read the next chapter :D brilliant work, as ever.
6/2/2012 c10 Anonymous
She still doesn't quite see the whole picture does she? More please.
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