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6/2/2012 c10 1lovingstories
I'm writing this review as I read so just keep that in mind :)

Oh and thanks for the extremely quick update I may just have to take it as an early birthday present (it's in about a week...just in case you wanted to you know give me another present ;), jk lol...though that would be fun) to get two chapters in a day. :D

I don't know that it's smart for Isabella to announce that she's the noble's lady, she doesn't have anything covering her and didn't Edward kill the clerk guy because he'd seen her?

Oh crap..Edward is angry isn't he... don't be to hard on her (both Jessica and Isabella) Edward, please

Aww, this may not be the time but he cares for and was scared for her I'm sure of it. :)

Yeah that could be a little embarrassing "I'm the Noble's Lady"

Yep if her opinions matter to him then he cares for her.

Yep the sword smith thingy is related to Edward and it has to do with his personal reasons for doing what he does, but he doesn't have to be so cruel to Bella, or I guess it's Isabella in this story, especially since they were getting along so well to.

No Bella it's not a coincidence, you know that deep down, and your smart enough to figure it out

if only it was more than trust...

Now now don't jump to conclusions Isabella I know that I said you were smart enough to start putting things together but you got that wrong. Edward wouldn't couldn't be the snatcher think of the night before when he felt miserable for not being able to find the boys, he didn't know that there would be anyone there to put an act on for, so he wasn't acting, and why would he make sure the old lady was looked after, why send anyone there if he was the snatcher to hear her rambling on about it...he just wouldn't, but you already think the worst of him so why would you remember that and worst, I can't even blame you.

Good she learned her lesson, from last time she needs evidence and to be sure, Edward go talk to her NOW

I don't know if I should be happy that she isn't completely jumping to conclusions, mad at her stupidity, or terrified that she's going to be snatched... I guess I'll see soon enough

You know I don't thing that the son from A M and Son was Edward, after all there was a secret sibling hinted at, I think it was a brother.

Yeah right you didn't always feel uneasy around him, what about when you almost kissed

Bella what the heck are you doing?

Who in the world is covering her mouth, I'm not even sure that I think it's Edward, is she next to be snatched?

How could you leave me there, I need another update or I"ll go crazy, please, please update soon

Thanks for the great chapter I loved all of it. :D
6/2/2012 c10 InLoveWithYou
You. Are. My. Favourite. Author! I become obsessed with all of your stories. When I see you have updated I get way too excited. And as if you left that cliff hanger! ! ! Please update soon, you're such a good writer and your stories are so so so so awesome! I. Love. You. In the non-creepiest way possible ;)
6/2/2012 c10 hnalove
Oh my gosh! What a cliffhanger! I am loving this story more and more! I hope the next chapter will be ready soon!
6/2/2012 c10 lorey1899
Omg noooooooooooooo you have to update now! Now! GAH I'm freaking out rite now! X.X
6/2/2012 c10 NeeNee246

This is a fantastic update! Now, you have me freaking out! ;)
6/2/2012 c10 ahaaaa
6/2/2012 c10 medward
She is so quick to think the worst if Edward! It was really foolish to identify herself as the Noble's woman when James could so clearly see her face. Also, they believe Edward to be the Noble killer, not a Noble himself so she must be careful what she reveals. It seems Bella keeps endangering the wrong people, a bit like killing innocent people in her dream. Thanks for the quick update!
6/2/2012 c9 lovingstories
Thanks for the update :)

Good chapter :)

I don't really know what to say other then that. Except that A M and son / couldn't be for Anthony Mason and son could it, which wouldn't possibly be a relative of Edward? wich wouldn't be why Edward knows more about the kidnapping then he's letting on? I don't know, (I guess I did say that I"d take more questions if it meant an update) but I'll be looking out for the next chapter and hopefully some answers.
6/2/2012 c9 ahaaaa
ooh interesting so far! can't even guess what's gonna happen next..but the initials A.M... Anthony Masen?
6/2/2012 c9 11Sweetie7smiled
Interesting stuff Bella's learning! I'm guessing that she'll eventually be the one who figures out where they are. Maybe? A city like this does seem like a creepy place.

Could A.M. stand for Anthony Masen, by any chance? I wonder exactly what kind of family history Edward has, and how the Elizabeth that Bella knows was linked to Carlisle... Interesting curiosities you pose! Thanks for writing!
6/2/2012 c9 2Wooleywews
Holy crap. They (the bad guys) aren't killing people for food are they? Ew. Think: Soylent Green. Otherwise, I was thinking they were being sent away as slaves in far away lands.

I wish Edward would let Bella know what all is exactly going on. And confront her about her father, so she can tell him how much he hated her (so he can get over his trust issues with Bella). Just sayin...
6/2/2012 c9 The thoughtful reviewer
Hmm, I'm forming lots of theories now. I thought this was to be a non-vampire fic but now I'm not sure. Are the disappearances anything to do with a vampire?

Also, I feel that the Noble must be related somehow to the old crone...

A M...
6/2/2012 c9 NeeNee246
WOW! This is fantastic!

A M? Well, that gives me so many ideas and thoughts about where this story is going to go! I love it!

I can not wait for more! :)
6/2/2012 c9 medward
I wish the initials weren't AM, especially since the M doesn't stand for Maple. I think Lord Edward will not be happy about her excursion to the marketplace!
6/2/2012 c9 Hafsa
A N stands for Anthony Masen, Edwards dad! and he is paying for his dads sins...nice twist! waiting 4 ch 10!:p
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