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1/25/2012 c7 i got two words
absolutely amazing! but i would love it more if u tried to update sooner. not to push but it would be nice. so update! i cant wait for more
1/20/2012 c7 4AlessandraLynn
It's been almost a month, and holy CRAP I love this story, but can you please post that chapter soon? It's been almost a month!
1/14/2012 c7 1pearl86
i just love the way you write..think and creat a story:) cant wait for are amazing Amberdeengirl..never quite are meant to write:)
1/8/2012 c7 17DustyJJ
Can't wait til the dramatic chapter to come!

Love the fact we learnt more about why Edward killed people in this chappie.

Rojoicing for Edward's kind intentions for the poor!

Poor man lost his son :(

Thank you for writing and I can't wait for the next :)

1/5/2012 c7 AlexStrike
I LOVE your writing, and thank goodness for spell check because mine needs some work! You have good creative story lines, with better drama instead of Bella and Edward being all mushy the whole time, badass mean killer Edward is so much better! The history is perfection, and I am sO jealous you're in England, for that's my dream place to go. I'm stuck in the US in rainy dull Oregon, but use tour luckiness with traveling to fuel your story ideas! (hint hint to an update) sorry, when I review it can be long... I hope things get more frequent, but it's definitely worth the wait! P.S. Don't drool on your computer, now my spacebar doesn't work half the time... Stay awake!
1/5/2012 c7 Nissa-Cullen
What a mess. He just needs to tell Bella everything so they don't have to worry about he running off shouting murderer. It might help if she had a better understanding of things.
1/2/2012 c7 Jenbeanwithicecream
I think writing reviews is kind of awkward and I avoid it because it feels like stating the obvious. But the fear of never knowing the end of this story has made me do this. So thank you for a wonderful story, I am longing for more and I sincerely hope you continue till the end.
12/29/2011 c7 Jlyons0424
Great chapter. Can't wait to read what is next. :)
12/28/2011 c7 4Iwannabeamarauder2010
OH MY GOD! I loved this chapter. Seriously its like you see the other side of Edward. I think and this is just a suggestion, that you should make it so that Bella figures out where all the kidnapped people are taken and she goes off to free them and Edward asks for her and shes gone and he finds her route and realises shes found them. I LOVE YOUR WRITING I READ THE BALLET STORY YOU WROTE AND I LOVED THAT ONE TOO UPDATE SOOON :0)
12/26/2011 c7 Amazone3
Awesome Update!
12/26/2011 c7 2Mean Little Lemon
:DGreat chapter!This story is more and more interesting with each chapter. i guess everybody is holding their breath for the next chapter. even santa...
12/26/2011 c7 14twifan115 - deactivated
Haha. Nice chapter. I love the "Noble's Lady" part; it made me laugh. Still, you have to edit your work. I can still see the capitalization thing happening. :) Update soon, please and Merry Christmas! :D
12/25/2011 c7 fan of urs
Amazin chap and a very happy christmas to u too!
12/24/2011 c7 2HopeStreet
I really like this story. Reminds me of the hard times of Oliver Twist with Edward as a sort of Robin Hood type character but still retaining his stature and wealth to aid the poor and seek retribution from those of wealth who wrong the common people. I hope that Bella will come to understand that these people who are being murdered are the kind of people who do wrong but are protected by their stature and standing in society. As long as they don't do wrong to one of their own, their crimes will not be prosecuted. But first she'll have to come to understand that people are deserving of kindness and respect despite their social status. I am thinking that her compassion for all will grow as she learns more about her mother and her life before she came to be wed to her father. Merry Christmas to you. It must be awesome to be able to spend it in Europe!
12/23/2011 c7 4Queen of True Love
I hope they find the boys and Bella would stop being so bloddy stubborn...I like it! Please, don't wait too long to update! XD
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