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11/11/2013 c13 Guest
its been over a year since you updateddd this pleaseeeeeee write more of it, its sooo good
11/10/2013 c13 Guest
you haveeeeeeeeeeee to updateeeeee! you such an amazing writer... goshh this is so amazing, pleaseee update
11/7/2013 c13 appleburple
I sincerely hope you pick this story back up again some day. I'll be anxiously wait for the email update I receive indicating there is a new chapter. It's wonderfully done and so very exciting. Thank you for sharing your talent.
11/6/2013 c1 Guest
pLeASe UpdAtE
11/1/2013 c13 4AlessandraLynn
10/28/2013 c1 2Wild Wild West
please update this its another one of my favorite stories on this website its such a good story and i know everyone wants to see what happens
10/20/2013 c13 Guest
Please update
10/2/2013 c1 jvtkel
I have watched this story for some time hoping that you would continue it but no such luck. While a dark story, your writing style brings it to life and reminds me of a ballet.
Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the parts you completed.
9/15/2013 c13 9TwilightxHPotterxPJackson
She IS the Noble Lady.
I know that you haven't updated for a year but you updated Pas de Trois today so I know that you haven't given up on FanFiction.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UPDATE! I know you're reading this...please.
9/15/2013 c13 Colinwood
Please more! Love it! Bit could you please get the cullen family more innthe story? :D :D :D
9/11/2013 c13 Guest
You havent updated this story in over a year...
9/6/2013 c13 peggy
will you ever finish this story it was so good
9/4/2013 c13 1BABY GIRL TIFF
please update soon i love this story since the beginning. i want u to keep writing it please.
8/30/2013 c13 1Andromeda8V
Oh my gosh, there are no word... Your writing is hypnotic, I can't put it down! Thank you so much and I can't wait for the next installment!
8/18/2013 c13 milady89
I'm hooked! I do so hope to read more soon. This is a wonderful story and so well written! For som reason I am seeing Jacob as the bad guy at the moment, I do hope I'm wrong.
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