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for The Underlying Checkmate

8/29/2013 c1 Broadway Evanescence
OMG THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL! I wish you could continue this it would be so amazing!
2/28/2012 c1 Couldn't read
I couldn't read it because of one word used over and over...'you'...nevermind the fact that fanfiction.net doesn't allow those types of stories written on here it pulls readers out of the story because instead of reading the story all the reader thinks is 'I wouldn't do that!'

If I were you I'd rewrite it with 'he' instead of 'you'
5/28/2011 c1 4minlin
Oh, that's heartbreaking!
2/10/2011 c1 22Emerald Ryuu Feather
what the was that!
2/2/2011 c1 25MRS.CULLEN1122
Wow this was really. Good

I LOve it

Please write more

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