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3/29/2022 c8 Danny Williams
Great story with plenty of action suspense and humor.
You set the story up very good with a good preview of Sakura and her wish for revenge.
11/30/2020 c8 16starfiction123
This is my favorite one so far. Mainly because it's completed and I liked the idea as an AU cause again, though sauske is likeable in boruto, I really wouldn't mind if he kicked the bucket. The chase after him that was a while ago was a whole 100 plus something worries with him turning around saying he'd be homage and like the new madara only to get his butt whooped, lose his arm and then get to go on a vacation to find himself and he's humble pie?! Naw. I still feel like he got off too easily lol so this was refreshing. I wish the sequel continued somehow
11/5/2020 c3 10VacantThoughts
The romance happened way too quickly in my opinion.
10/28/2020 c1 102Ohfortheloveofpete
I thought the villains of that arc sucked.
9/4/2020 c3 Anonymous
Ive been reading your naruhina fics and just wanted to let you know i enjoy them a lot!
7/26/2020 c3 4iacopo.passerini
5/6/2020 c1 Crimson Hawk Wolf
I really wish you were still around to work on more chapters and stories you have. I really enjoy what you have going so far.

I also really hope that during this time we are in that things aren’t going to bad for you. I hope your able to stay healthy and that those close to you are able to as well.
1/5/2020 c8 Guest
Finally a fic where Naruto and Hinata training together with Jiraiya! Would be interesting if you tell the three years time skip 'bout Hinata development to teens!
Plz keep going
7/19/2019 c8 5SocialSuicideGirl
Great story! I have to say, even when I didn’t agreewith certain plot points that happened in the story, I really enjoyed the way you told it! There’s just something in your narrative style and the dialogue of the characters that really reminds me of the actual way they speak and act in the anime.

So umm, to be honest I kind of feel like your story jumped the shark a tad when Sasuke attacked & got killed, after that things seemed to go a bit haywire and “omg! We need to wrap this up!” but having said that it was still very well done and fantastic that you saw the story through to a conclusion, there are just so many stories out there with really strong beginnings that seem to get abandoned, it’s just sad, so you should be really really proud that this isn’t one if them!

At the end of the day I kind of want to say poor Kiba, he didn’t do anything to deserve all this upheaval in his life, but I guess now that Sakura is hopping aboard Sasuke’s revenge bandwagon he can just join Choji & Ino’s genin team now. I never really loved Sakura, but all of the Sakura- bashing really took me aback a bit, especially when all of a sudden she and others were assessing how tragic her life had become now that she would never have the chance to “get with” any other guys from the Konoha 12..? That was weird.

In any case, I really enjoyed your story all in all, And I really hope you did write a Shippuden follow-up, it would be really interesting to see where you took the story after this and see how far it diverges from canon with all the changes you’ve made already! :)
5/31/2019 c1 ChRiAn
Little bit late to the party, but none the less: Great story, I really enjoyed reading it. Only one minor nitpick: Tsunade rages about a team not needing two trackers and then puts Kiba and Hinata back on the same team a minute later. Would have been interesting to see the dynamic with Ino or Choji instead on the team. No need for the forced lovetriangle team no 2.
5/15/2019 c8 Guest
Man. If Sakura is gonna act like a little bitch someone needs to slap the darkness out of her. And I think that should be hinata
3/6/2019 c8 110Right What Is Wrong
NaruHina fluff is great, as always., Sakura's psycho.

I'm not even sure I can call that OOC, since she was pretty awful towards her 'friends' in canon at various points. She could really go either way - becoming more mature or throwing a tantrum and traveling a darker road. Since Sasuke's dead, it's not all that surprising she went psycho. This is the girl who MARRIED him after he killed her in a genjutsu and was perfectly content with a loveless marriage in which she was never even KISSED, after all.

Nice fic.
3/6/2019 c3 Right What Is Wrong
Makes sense Gaara would do the job. He doesn't have the same emotional attachment and understands that, barring a miracle, some people are just going to kill and kill and kill until they're put down.

Heck, Sasuke was actually further gone than Gaara. The sand jinchuuriki was basically lashing out like a dog trained for pit fighting because everyone treated him like trash and the one person who claimed to love him tried to assassinate him, then told Gaara as he was dying that he'd always loathed him. On top of all that, he had a demon whispering into his mind and keeping him from ever entering deep sleep (or much sleep at all). Little wonder he snapped. The moment someone made a human connection with him, he began to "rehumanize himself", as the lyrics go.

Meanwhile, Sasuke had human connections, was well-treated, and still went murderous. I'm surprised Gaara didn't privately hate him for that - it speaks well to the kid's character once he finally got an ounce of good treatment. People talk about Naruto having every right to resent Sasuke, but Gaara had it even worse - Sasuke got forgiven despite actively defecting from Konoha and working against its interests, but Gaara was objectively the shinobi wonderboy, even making it through an S-Class mission without a scratch, and got loathed for it. As such, he's got to understand Sasuke is an irretrievable mad dog and put him down with pity, but not remorse.

Sorry to ramble, but I'm just impressed at how much sense it makes to have Gaara end Sasuke's life.
3/6/2019 c1 Right What Is Wrong
Oh, thank heavens, Sakura has gotten over Sasuke. Thank heavens.

Hinata being too kind to hurt her younger sister makes a lot of sense. She really is too decent for the ninja world.

Naruto's also a good kid.

It's pleasant to see Tsunade laying down the law. Sasuke got way too much leeway in canon, considering the standards of the villages. Missing-nin literally have an entire class of ninja dedicated to hunting them down, dissecting them, and thoroughly disposing of the remains. I think Naruto's a bit naive about how the 'retrieval' mission would have ended, had he been successful... which almost justifies Sasuke's behavior on that mission, come to think of it. Once you leave a ninja village, there's no going back.
1/15/2019 c8 Guest
Please put out the sequel!
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