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for Quest for a Supervisor

12/17/2017 c4 Jane
This is so intense! There's a lot of players but I like how you're tying them all together!
8/18/2016 c4 8tlcroft
Okay, so Hotch, Haley, and Jessica are originally from Sunnydale, with Haley being a blocked or shut down Potential due to her father. Hotch is Faith's 'adoptive' father, and Anya's grandson. From what's happening on the plane with Reid and his mother, Diana Reid's a Lost Slayer, one who may have been called but her mental illness led to her being deactivated-but she taught her son all she knew so Reid knows what's out there. And Roger, the Potential on the run who hooked up with Aaron and company in New Mexico, is Erin Strauss's daughter. And it's all coming down to the attempt to raise the First Evil in Sunnydale. What do you wanna bet the team gets there just in time to be part of the chaos?, possibly the wildcard that saves everything?
6/21/2015 c4 Moi
This is an amazing crossover. You really should consider continuing this. Seems like a lot more people's paths have crossed over the years than they realized. I am looking forward to Reid and Anya running into one another sometime soon.
What's with Jessica's masters and work? And what is it exactly Haley is being consulted for? Will we be seeing Haley in action on that video as well? To the team, they might have gotten the impression she couldn't harm a fly over the years.
So looking forward to an update. I'll be checking every few months from now on, I guess.
4/11/2015 c4 3stephcullen2000
I love it so please update again soon xxx
6/8/2013 c4 sander9876
Love the story update soon plz
3/30/2012 c3 3ChibiBeth18
The barely there Dharma and Greg reference made me clap my hands together in glee. Aaron Hotchner, I think you have some 'splainin' to do.
3/5/2012 c3 sander9876
plz update
10/12/2011 c3 joniskpelare
Nice to see your update and that Roger lives. I'm just very sorry for Rebecca. It is getting very exciting and I look forward to finding out what happens next.
1/7/2011 c1 187Slinky-and-the-BloodyWands
Oh, wow, very intriguing beginning. Nice little teases dropped throughout-I can't wait to see where you go with it. :D

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