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8/19/2018 c4 3Lord-Chrono
Lol great story!
5/31/2016 c4 2matthewrister
type in exploding shit on youtube i think asuma would have looked like that if he did not flush frist
4/21/2016 c4 19Favorite of Chaos
this is pretty good and i would like to continue reading this as it has been five years since the last update
3/3/2016 c4 41Moon Dog 05
Loved the last joke...lol

Plz update soon
11/20/2015 c4 ThePhenoix11
Sad it ended.
9/25/2015 c1 Guest
this is just plain bashing
6/25/2015 c2 10Wolfone10
I find it funny, that it's just "glossed over" that sasuke almost not only completely ANNIHILATED the village but probably MILLIONS of other people in other countries by blowing up HALF the ELEMENTAL NATIONS! You know if you have a "world killer" bomb, most people tend of FROWN on it when you ALMOST TRIGGER the damn thing! (by accident or otherwise doesn't seem to matter to higher-ups)
2/26/2015 c4 13yukicrewger2
Naruto forgot to flush?
2/26/2015 c3 yukicrewger2
and boom goes the dynamite
12/14/2014 c4 1yuzukikuran476
please update :D
12/14/2014 c3 yuzukikuran476
yep this story is awesome and i wonder will uzumaki clan be involved as well like a cousin or uncle or Grandpa ? and please update :D
12/14/2014 c2 yuzukikuran476
please update this amazing story please :D
12/14/2014 c1 yuzukikuran476
please let this story be Naruto and Hinata and also i hope that Kyuubi and Naruto be brothers and please update :)
2/8/2014 c4 3Acolyte of the Blood Moon
Haha, I liked that pun in the end, it was very well placed. Update soon!
4/6/2013 c1 Blackcraft
I admit this is fun to read.

The last line with 'explosive diarrhea' made me laugh. I mean, he is a walking bomb. So it would be normal that mostly all of the things his body create would be a bomb as well... I can imagine his love life with that power
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