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11/17/2016 c57 22NoH8-make-a-rainbow
For some reason, I forgot all about the last three chapters until today when I was feeling nostalgic. But I wanted to tell you that I still think about TDM ALL the time. I think you did prove your point in saying that not all OC stories are bad - mine, for one, was kind of bad. It was good in the beginning but working on it for 4 years on and off lost its continuity. You, however, through the years of working on it, it was always flawless and I always looked forward to each and every chapter, whether it's the first year or the third year and I hadn't heard anything about it in months. ANYWAY, if you and Lila want to one day take this up again, I wouldn't be opposed to it, even though the TD fandom is pretty dead. (Is it? I know they sometimes come up when it's Doey week. It can't be that dead though, there was just the Amazing Race parody last year. Was it last year? Oh gosh I can't even remember. Ohhh those were dark times) ANYWAY. Just know that there's still someone who cares about this story still. It's a quality piece of work. :)
12/17/2014 c57 zquest
12/5/2014 c57 peoniequeen
5/4/2014 c56 zquest
OMG Chloe it's been too long since I've read an chapter of this :D so glad you fihnally updated! also was very surprised at how little screentime Dana got (I adopted her btw if you don't remember :3) also no challenge? wow this has become more like MTV's "The Real World" Instead of Total Drama/ not that im companing though ;) also speaking of CAH ok i'll admit it it's one of my favorite cards games ... HEY! Don't judge it's a love/hate thing oh wait that wasn't you? oh well must've been my Yami... Hikari im gonna have a talk with you when I get done writing this review... anyways yeah so great chapter and keep it up! Quest OUT! (Ps not logged in because its 4:00am in the morning and im too lazy :P I should really get some sleep...)
5/3/2014 c56 peoniequeen
When Sam said that I was like "oh for gods sake Chloe you can't fucking do that."
Brill chapter though I'm confused because it's taken you 4 MONTHS to update.
1/18/2014 c55 NoH8-make-a-rainbow
I was gonna review the day after I read this but I just got so busy! But I loved the chapter, it was great. I love this story so much, it's been a great 3 years with TDM. I feel like once it ends, I'll be like, what do I do now? Haha.
1/7/2014 c55 2obabema
I'm really light headed and I'm gonna vomit because I overheated at school so this will be short and to the point.
I loved this chapter. It was very cute.


1/7/2014 c55 zquest
That was.. EPIC! I loved all that Cartoon network needs you as their writers :) Can't wait for the next chapter update soon
12/23/2013 c54 zquest
umm wtf did I just read? XD one of the weirdest chappies of tdm but it was awesome as ever gtg merry xmas
11/3/2013 c3 5AudiLion
Dang tablet! Ok I'm just going to start off were this stupid thing cut me off.
Everyday- black t-shirt with rock band logo, white short shorts, navy blue converses, 5 studs in each ear, and an eyebrowring
Swim- black strapless bikini top, black boyshort bottoms
Nightwear- Clay matthews 52 greenbay jersey, black sports bra and spandex undernieth, hair in messy bun
Personality- She has a short fuse, like Sam. She speaks her mind and doesn't take crap from anyone. She hangs out with a few people but aside from that she's writing songs and playing her guitar. She is smart as hell and if you tel her she's wrong, she wil tackle you, no joke!
Bio- She is the oldest out of three. She works two part-time jobs tohelhelp her mom pay the bills. Her parents were dicorced at a young age. She was molested a lot when she was 8. She is from Green Bay, Wisconsin. She wants to go to University of Green Bay. She is 6 ft 1. She has never had a boyfriend. She has trust issues.
Gets along with...- Goths, funny people, delinquents, crazy people, artsy people, smart yet not so annoyingly smart people.
Doesn't getnalong with- People who are concieted, use people to thier advantage, mean to the earth, and manipilate people without regrets.
Crushes- the funny guys, or the smart; tall; TRUSTWORTHY guys.
Why- She's had a reallyy rough past. Music was her safe haven. She says that music gave her the strength and courage to be different in her small private school.( her mom worked there). When she saw the audition, she new she should give it a try, even if it was late. She knew she could have her big break. She's worked hard. During breaks at wor she studied for school, and the small extra me she hhad left herself she spent working on songs and music for those songs. Btw, she plays the bass, electric, aucoustic, trumpet, flute, violin, drums, and saxaphone.
11/3/2013 c2 AudiLion
Sorry. I know this audition is a little late but its worth a try.
Name: Kyle Woods
Age: 18
Gender: female
Stereotype: Rocker babe with an attitude
Nationality: U.S.
Sexuality: straight
Hair: dark brown, shoulder length, naturally wavy
Eyes: blue-gray with a hint of green
Skin color: light tan
Everyday: black t-shirt with a rock band logo across chest; white short-shorts; navy blue convereses;
11/3/2013 c1 AudiLion
I k
10/15/2013 c53 2obabema

I cannot wait to meet everyone's family! It's going to be great!


9/28/2013 c1 Kiera

Application Form

Name: Amanda

Age: 16

Gender: female

Stereotype: cheerleader

Nationality: Canada/America

Sexuality: straight

Hair: dark blonde

Eyes: chocolate brown

Skin color: tann-ish

Everyday Clothes: white singlet with blue knit jumper over it but you can see her bra straps and mid thigh shorts with black high top converse allstar shoes

Swimwear: red halter neck bikini

Nightwear: bra and mint shorts cover by see through short nighty

Personality: funny bossy caring athletic but also tiny bit clumsy

Bio: Amanda is a beautiful talented girl that has a beach house and lived in a small beach house crowded with family,

What Stereotypes do you get along with?: prep cheerleader

What Stereotypes don't you get along with?:
Geeks and emos
What Stereotypes will you have a crush on?:
Jocks and bad boys
Why do you want to be a singer?: because I can sing and dance
9/6/2013 c52 zquest
wait it's over :(
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