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12/4/2020 c25 xavierscott
Great story
11/18/2019 c25 5Dessel Ordo
That was a hell of a ride, and I can't thank you enough for writing and sharing it. Loved all the Easter egg and tropes you snuck in. Loved the depth of story even more. Hell, depending on how the idea percolates in my mind, and if I can get far enough ahead with my projects, I may even end up doing a spin-off/sequel thing to this amazing story set during LoK. (If I ever get around to finishing that, heh).
8/31/2019 c25 1avidreaded
Not gonna lie, it would be nice to see you rewrite Korra into something actually good. Awesome series you've written here. Was definitely worth the read and is by and away one of the better sets of stories on this site. 4 stories, just under a million total word, absolutely worth the few days it took to read it all.
8/15/2019 c9 1neogoki
The gods/spirits of Luck seem to hate vegetables.
may the cabbages and radishes rest in pieces.
4/7/2019 c25 Srw
Thanks for another very good story. Well four actually thanks again
6/3/2017 c25 The-White-Spiral
If this has been everything wrong, then I'm overjoyed to be reading the wrong thing. It's taken me three days (because of work) but I've finished CotF and TwoF. And I've utterly, utterly adored them. Such great characterizations, such wonderful twists and turns. You made me loathe Ozai and Jeong Jeong with a very real hatred. You made me laugh, cry, grind my teeth in rage. You've given me both inspiration and ideas for when I write my own FF and I'll be throwing full credit your way for that.
The berserker rampage with the Waters of Oblivion. I've reread it at least seven times. Sokka still having troubles with his own daemons. And you included Koh!
One last thing. Fuck Irukidanji.

Thank you for writing these.
4/25/2015 c25 Mystearical
Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. And yes, DFWA is the best lesson anyone could take from this story. She will wreck you and maybe everyone you know and love for kicks.
4/20/2015 c7 Mystearical
I mean, obviously it gets fixed. This is a story focusing on Azula, and it would be a really shit story if she got her arms cut off like that.
4/20/2015 c5 Mystearical
He LET Azula get the initiative? No Sokka, no. That's not how that works. That would imply you had anything to do with her TAKING the initiative because she's Azula and Agni help you Azula does whatever the hell she wants. Smart people do whatever they can to not be involved. "Let" implies you had a CHOICE. This is wrong.
1/16/2015 c25 1Ivar Hugo
All right, I'm composing this review just having finished reading The War of Flames. I should begin by saying I enjoyed the read. The mere fact that the story is competently written from a technical point of view puts it heads and shoulders above most fan-fiction. Furthermore, it's obvious that the story is meticulously plotted, so there aren't any glaring plot-holes or weird, hand-wavy transitions; this is so rare in fan-fic that I feel obliged to bring it up for compliment.

I mention all of this to put the criticism I'm about to offer in perspective. I did enjoy the story, but I believe it ultimately fell short due to a number of avoidable issue.

Here then follow my criticisms, all heavily YMMV, of course. (I'll be using TV Tropes lingo, which judging from your AN's shouldn't be a problem).

I think that the most prominent characters in this story from Canon-Azula, Sokka, and Ty Lee-have been Flanderized, and therefore made far less interesting than they could be.

Let's begin with Azula, the protagonist. I think you went completely overboard when it comes to the abuse Azula experienced growing up. Besides the fact that I don't think it's at all consistent with Canon, I think your treatment cheapens Azula's character. Essentially, you absolve her from her wrongdoings and lay the blame squarely at Ozai's feet. This does not make for an interesting redemption arc, because your Azula doesn't really own her past actions. She was traumatized and brainwashed to become the terror that she was, she did not really make her questionable decisions on her own accord. This robs Azula of real character growth, where she actually has to wrestle with her own decisions and forge a new path for herself. Admittedly, Canon!Azula did become something of a Woobie at the end, but it's simplistic to focus on that aspect of her character, in my opinion. She has done horrible things, and she should confront them honestly if she is to change. (Note, I write all of this as an Azula-fan! I like the idea of seeing her "redeemed", but I dislike the execution in this story.)

As for Sokka, I think you exaggerated both his intelligence and his badass-ness. Now don't get me wrong, Sokka is a very clever, creative guy; of course he's highly intelligent. But something rings false, I think, when you have him be this theoretical physicist and inventor of pretty much everything. I got more of a "TV-Genius"-vibe from your characterization of Sokka than something more believable and genuine. As for his badass-ness... Sokka has his epic moments, but I think that he's all the more endearing as this regular, goofy guy who by the dint of his own cunning and cleverness still manages to be effective while in the midst of veritable demi-gods. The "Badass Normal"-thing you seem to be going for therefore doesn't really move me that much, and I thought his escapades as "Wang Fire" fell flat. I'd rather say that Sokka is "occasionally badass", and all the more impressive when he manages it. (Again, I'm a huge Sokka fan as well, so don't think I dislike the character!)

Ty Lee is a character you could and should have expanded beyond her canon portrayal, given the relative prominence she has in the story. As it is, I can't see your Ty Lee as much more than an airheaded creature made of hugs and goodwill. She could have been more nuanced.

Another character outside the previous three that I think you Flanderized was Ozai. He was ridiculously evil in canon, and I don't see much literary benefit in you making him even worse in your story. In fact, I thought you went to ridiculous lengths in describing the abuse he heaped upon Azula, which I think was utterly unnecessary from a narrative standpoint (except insofar as it made Azula even more of a Woobie, thus making her easier to absolve of her past moral shortcomings, I suppose). What irks me is that you didn't have to do this! Now, I DO believe Canon!Ozai's treatment of Azula WAS abusive, but not how you've described it. I have no trouble seeing how her cruelty and mental issues can result from the passive abuse Ozai assuredly subjected Azula to: strict demands for perfection; the morally corrosive culture in the Fire Nation courts, which would breed moral nihilism or quasi-Nietzschean superman morality; tacit encouragement to be abusive in turn; etc. Ozai is already a monster; you don't have to make him worse. And it had the regrettable side-effect of making Azula less interesting as a character.

A final criticism that doesn't have to do with your characterizations: I think you chose a boring concept for bending strength. You have characters being innately better or worse at bending, with Azula being the most powerful. I don't think this accords with canon, and I also think it's uninteresting. I think what makes Azula so powerful (and I consider her to have the greatest potential, absent the avatar, for firebending in the series) is a combination of factors: intelligence, mentality, agility, diligence and ruthlessness. Recall the scene from "Zuko alone" where Azula and Zuko demonstrate their firebending in-front of Azulon. Zuko is less impressive, not because he possesses lesser inborn firebending strength (whatever that is), but because he hasn't mastered the forms to the degree Azula has. Zuko stumbles and falls on his ass, remember; that failure was due to him overextending himself, trying on forms he wasn't proficient in.

I'm going to going to round off this review by mentioning a number of specific things I liked. Most of these will be from the later parts of the story, since they are the freshest in my memory. Trust me, there were many more.

Toph was hilarious, as usual. Though I have my doubts whether she'll make for a good king in the end. Just because you can seize power doesn't mean you have what it takes to wield power effectively, and nothing I've seen convinces me Toph would be an examplary ruler. As for a good scene: I liked the one where she surveyed the battlefield, with her baby in her lap. It was funny and believable (for Toph, that is).

I liked you spin on Ursa! Nice to see her be a little less angelic for a change!

I really liked the part where Azula understands the potential lightning-bending has for controlling minds. The mind is electricity, indeed. Very cool scene with Irukandji. I think this aspect could've been explored further.

The ending for Bi and "Queen" Bei was also something I appreciated. Very mature decision from Bi, and very unexpected.

"Zutara caves." Heh.

And finally, I think Azula's ambivalence towards motherhood in the end was also nicely done. Babies, in the ends, didn't magically make everything better.

I will check out Three Families, but I think I'm going to have to take rest from reading your fiction for a while. Since I pretty much read the Children-fics and this one in a stretch, I hope you'll forgive me.
11/9/2014 c3 earfluffy
This Irukandji seems quite evil compared to the one from Three Families. Its even possible that this one is the same one, considering their ability to travel between worlds.

8/25/2014 c25 12Lee Totema
I'm actually not that pissed that he didn't die iactually like him wow but that was a series right there so full of detail and just an amazing story overall and I'm so glad I took the time to read through everything so my review marathon has finally ended but I'm going to go and read your other stories just because everything seems so interesting but whether I'll review or not is another story since some people actually get annoyed from constant reviews weird I know eventually I will get to avatar of victory hopefully and then I'll review the heck out of that
8/25/2014 c24 Lee Totema
Good lessons to learn and an overall earn your happy ending very well done and now time to read the epilogue! Heh zutara
8/24/2014 c23 Lee Totema
Ah I knew it was too good to last and I just noticed a lot of the shout outs wow I'm slow really Bethesda duh lol
8/24/2014 c22 Lee Totema
Woo hoo! Babies ever after ending! This is gonna be awesome!
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