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10/11/2023 c1 nzjojo
Oh wow... what an amazing one shot. You made me feel everything - like I've been on a rollercoaster and yet I haven't. Thank you for giving them their own HEA. You have such a wonderful way with words. :)
2/6/2015 c1 ChristyWIX
Oh wow, I remember this from that contest. I reviewed it there. If I could get to it, I would've moved my original review from there to here for you. I remember it was a very powerful and moving one-shot.
2/23/2014 c1 meelee72
Phew.. read those last couple paragraphs thru blurry eyes.
What a beautiful story to tell.
Real life.
Loved it.
8/22/2012 c1 K
AMAZING! just beautiful... great job

8/13/2012 c1 sophi6 good it brought me to tears... and stayed with me long after I finished the much so, I had to come back and leave a review...
8/12/2012 c1 tammy0208
I think this is the first O/S that has ever made me cry. Great Story though.
3/12/2012 c1 Just Sus
I loved this story...I remember reading it somewhere before here in fandom!

12/4/2011 c1 Cecilia Siledubh Mohney
This was such a great story! So much sadness but good people and lots of love. I'd love to know where they went from here. So much emotion is packed into this one shot and I really enjoyed this story. Thanks for writing and sharing it.
11/4/2011 c1 Denny52
My husband just asked me, "Are you crying" as I finished this. I told I was crying because I just read something beautiful. You really related the intense emotion that deep friendship can provide, whether it be between friends or lovers. Bittersweet tale, well told, with a HEA. Loved it.
10/9/2011 c1 KazM77
So well written.
8/1/2011 c1 stephi910
great o/s!
6/7/2011 c1 sugarghc
I usually donĀ“t review much. Especially one shots, but I really like the story. It even made me cry a little [in a good way of course ;)]. Well done! :)


5/23/2011 c1 KatyDarling
Loved it! Glad to find this story through the Fictionators website!
5/21/2011 c1 AllThingsEdward
Fantastic! So real, well done.
5/19/2011 c1 SabLuvsLogan
That was amazing! So glad Kassiah red'd this!
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