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1/9 c8 7WindSongEnchantment
I'd love a continuation of this! It's so nicely done :)
10/11/2021 c8 snoo24
totally loved this! You almost feel sorry for Sho hahaha
10/10/2021 c7 snoo24
BAHAHAHA! Yashiro with a terrifying grin! omg I'm dying
10/6/2021 c8 Laurachan03
Hey I really really like this. I can’t wait to read more of your work.
I just got a little confused when they were acting because they used their names and not their character’s. But otherwise… love it.
Thanks <3
9/15/2021 c4 snoo24
kyaaaaaahhhhh! Ren as the Phantom?! *fans face furiously*
3/15/2021 c8 Ordinary Avocado
Captivating, stunning are some of the words that I want to describe when reading your story. Easy to read and follow. You wrote each character beautifully that I almost believed this was the manga itself. Wonderful job and thank you for taking the time to write this.
2/22/2021 c8 H-Nala
Haha what a surprise but not unexpected ending.
2/16/2021 c8 Lorigami8
Great ending and I can’t believe I actually felt a bit sad for Sho even though it’s just the ending I would want for him. Ren’s timing is always so good when Sho is about to confess :p
2/10/2021 c8 Apple Yumi 94
sweet how cute
2/10/2021 c3 Apple Yumi 94
LMBO! hahahaha great writing. because of you I've gone and watched a snippet of phantom of the opera on youtube, I'm intrigued!
2/1/2021 c8 104claraowl
Aww, yay! Happy ending for our faves XD
Perfectly handled, Kyoko! :D
1/31/2021 c8 alejandrakdavi
lLovely story my dear!
Its an open finale, so may be we will have a 2nd Act of the Phantom soon?
1/31/2021 c8 7Tloakk
Amazing! ️️️
1/28/2021 c7 Lorigami8
I’ve really enjoyed your story! I feel like you perfectly captured how Kyoko and Sho will always have a connection but it’s no longer love or hate (at least for Kyoko). It’s oddly satisfying that she’s forgiven him and can banter with him almost like a sibling. I’m looking forward to the last chapter.
1/25/2021 c7 Guest
More more more loved it ren almost lost control in that scene hope he gets to give her a ride home and it turn into Dinner and a kiss or something
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