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12/30/2011 c1 Guest
Ar much as I'm enjoying your story so far very much, I feel this has to be said. Bonnie has strawberry RED hair, RED. Not blonde, I'm just sick of everyone confusing the two. Brilliant story by the way
3/8/2011 c7 19Lula9167
I really like it. I like how easily Bonnie and Damon change from friendship to something more. Great chapter.
3/7/2011 c7 7Pretty Little Vampires
That was Sao cute and the last paragraph was so true. Update soon.
3/7/2011 c7 4David Fishwick
I liked how you wrote Bonnie's date with Damon and Caroline's speech during the class reunion was nice. Please update soon thanks
2/23/2011 c6 19Lula9167
I like it. Can't wait to read Bonnie and Damon's date and the class reunion. Please update soon.
2/22/2011 c6 58Danielle Salvatore
Awww they finally admitted it! Update soon :)
2/22/2011 c6 4David Fishwick
I liked how you wrote the Bamon scenes in this chapter especially Bonnie thinking of Damon as her sweet prince. I am glad that Elena was able to say goodbye to Stefan. Please update soon thanks.
1/30/2011 c5 19Lula9167
I totally loved it. It was sad of course, but the part of Katherine was really good. The best part is ending of the chapter. I wonder what will happen next. Please update soon.
1/28/2011 c5 58Danielle Salvatore
Yay! Damon's not falling for Katherine's crap! Update soon :)
1/27/2011 c4 1V. Salvatore
update soon

this is a great ,sad but great story(:
1/26/2011 c4 1Nightgirl25
Sad day! Poor Elena!

Update soon!
1/26/2011 c4 7Pretty Little Vampires
That was so sweet and sad. Please update soon.
1/26/2011 c4 4David Fishwick
I hope there is more soon as I am enjoying the story. I liked how you wrote the funeral and the emotions of the people who knew and loved Stefan. Thanks for updating.
1/26/2011 c4 shay
you HAVE to continue

its amazing sad but amazing

stefans such a sweetie

s x
1/26/2011 c4 19Lula9167
As always I like it. Please continue the story. After the funeral and everything calms down is when the real pain hits. I think you should write it. Please update soon.
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