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for Rage and Morality

4/18/2016 c1 Queen Peachz
Its good but I want to see what happens next and in anxious to know how they react to the new Wolfram
10/4/2015 c1 6vaetta
i LOVE this story! I assume that it's probably not going to be continued, but if you do, I'd really enjoy it!
8/1/2011 c1 3killerprincess112
Its very good the story does tend to drag at some moments I think you could use alittle more dialectic for the characters and wolfram seems alittle ooc but that's understandable

Its alittle hard to understand what's going on in the middle of the story but that cleared up when you explained the reason for the killing threw the bracelet

Okay that's all but I did enjoy it!
1/9/2011 c1 11holickixkstar
I do agree with your perception on the love sick Wolfram. I got sick of it, coz like you know, even if Yuuri do leave him and dissolve the engagement, Wolfram won't be all angsty in anyway. He still hold his pride with all his being. And actually in the series, even though Wolfram was always being ignored whenevr there's a meeting, but it seems his idea had always been the best out of everyone else.

This chapter is pretty confusing to me after the second part..ahaha...Of course, it might be just you writing style. I love it, I just need to know what happened before with the Brunette and Baba and the fight...?

Can't wait for the next chapter!
1/9/2011 c1 xOtaku4Ux
This story intrigues...explaining dialogues good, at last 4 me :)

Dark story or not? I think it's 2 early to answer this question. I cant give U my opinion, based on one chapter.

I think Wolfram strong character. Some times he can be like a child, but it's because he didnt have normal childhood. He is afraid to disappoint Gwendal and, I think, Conrart. When you constantly compare to your brothers... it's hard. I think Wolfram never shows his true feelings. Spoiled brat it's protective mechanism 4 him. Do that that expect from you. Yuuri... well 4 Wolfram he is FRIEND and king - first. Do he love him romantically? Hell i know :] But I hope he dose love Yuuri like this ;)I think 4 Wolfram Yuuri a man who will not compare him to his brothers... or will he? )))

ps Good story. I will w8 next chapter :3

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