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7/3/2013 c2 Guest
...It's a nice plot but sakura has a lot of mood changes that make no sense and she seems to much of a marry sue.
12/5/2012 c2 3wolfdemon45
i think its really good its interesting srry if i miss spell words
9/21/2012 c3 6organizationkhII
I love Kisame! and everybody else :)

Update soon
9/20/2012 c7 8Wolfisis
well its a great story I cant wait tell you come out with the next chapter.
8/28/2012 c6 2acetwolf94
I really like your story. I hope your daughter is ok. I hope you get better.
7/10/2012 c6 3XxBlackSakuraBlossomxX
why why why why why why why why why why why isn't there another chapter yet i can't wait any longer or i'll die of waitizime and i know that is a noncontagous deise i juts made up but is ture in my land of me me land. LOL
11/25/2011 c6 2kittychic0895
keep up tha good work and update asap
10/8/2011 c6 purpleoverpink
dont worry i'll be waiting ^.^
10/5/2011 c6 2NiGhTmArE-CaTcHeR-T
Just take your time X
10/1/2011 c6 AutumnVonBach
Feel Better!
9/30/2011 c5 purpleoverpink
o_o she really kicked his ass out the window across the city...LOL
9/6/2011 c6 mizmarshmelody
i'm sorry about your daughters death. But the story is coming on really well if it makes you feal any better. take all the time you need to make the next chapter. i'm willing to wait after the thing that shall noy be said happened.
8/30/2011 c6 3Chocolate devil
im sorry about your daughter but if you dont mind my asking how old was she?
2/24/2011 c6 Kisamegirl1134
sorry about your daughter. i hope she can rest in peace. You and your family will have my prayers.
2/5/2011 c6 2halosakura
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