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3/3/2014 c11 93Book girl fan
Murdock being sane? Not having invisible friends, talking to himself, or any fooling around? If you take all that away, what of Murdock is left?
10/31/2011 c11 Trace10
That is one terrific ending. Two wonderful news of the team being exonerated and Murdoch asking Amy in marriage. Could there be a sequel in the works? Just a tiny one?
10/31/2011 c11 wotumba1
interesting ending
10/30/2011 c11 14Mystic Angel 007
Amy & Murdock married huh? Nice ending.
10/29/2011 c11 JoyceC
I was so waiting for that next installment. What a great ending! I'll go back for a second reading. That story was amazing. I truly enjoyed it. Come back soon with more!
8/23/2011 c10 wotumba1
where's he gone to? hope we'll find out soon!
7/10/2011 c9 Murdochlover
Awesome! I think I saw a spark in Amy's and Mucrdoch's eyes just then...
7/9/2011 c9 BarbraAnnS
I'm glad to see that this story is still going. Lots of angst. That's what I like. Keep it up!
7/9/2011 c9 GoodOleJD
Boy do I love those cliffhangers of yours! You keep me on the edge of my seat.

On another note, I really enjoy your writing. It flows. It's pleasant to read, especially when you use the right term to describe how a dialogue is spoken. I'm annoyed when writers keep using the word 'said' all the time. We know the characters are speaking, but how are they delivering the dialogue? What are they feeling? What are they thinking? Your style of writing puts the reader into a clear setting and I can actually 'hear' the character speaking. Some readers may not like descriptions, but others do. Some writers use the passive voice, others the active. Who are we to judge? If we don't like it, we don't read.

Don't change anything in your writing style. I love it!
7/3/2011 c9 wotumba1
awww, you just can't stop here! who's the guy, is he the one we think he is, what is murdock gonna do?
6/8/2011 c8 notinthislifetime
wat's he gunna name the bunny?
! Sorry needed to get that out of my system because I'm dying to know what happens next! Ah this is a good story so far! I just got done watching the A-Team. It was mind games. God I loved it when Face acted like Murdock. Anyway, this story is genius! Please update soon! If you don't I'll die. Not joking. maybe...
5/30/2011 c8 7LoneAngel666
FINALLY A NEW CHAPTER ! YAY ! Thank you soooo much ! It was awesome and poor Murdock ! Can't wait for the next!
5/29/2011 c8 wotumba1
gotta love mama b!

waiting for more to come
5/28/2011 c8 BarbraAnnS
I like the plotline with the team at Mrs. Baracus's farm. It's very different and I hope it'll do good for Murdoch's humour.
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