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for The Mystery Behind the Scar

3/28/2011 c7 ButterflyStories
I don't normally do reviews especcially when i'm writting and uploading my own stories right at this minuite but after reading this i thought it was too good not to review :) you have the charactors portrayed perfectly loved peeves and nico :)

what did peeves do to hades anyway lol :) and also to thank you because i have been going mental over trying to update stories but i couldnt because of that error so massive thank you to you because now i can finnally update my stories! thank you so much :):)
3/24/2011 c4 11Turtle1999
That's amazing please update soon. You have a great talent for writing. When I read it I feel like I'm almost there watching it all happen. It's a great story.
3/22/2011 c7 3CheyCheyRainy
Thanks for the thingy at the bottom! I've been trying to update for a week but it won't let me.


3/22/2011 c7 3TulipNixphe
love it
3/13/2011 c6 3CheyCheyRainy
Totally awesome. I really like it. Please update soon! I want to read more of this.


2/15/2011 c6 3TulipNixphe
i love this story anyway i stilll think hannah should be a child of poesidon
2/14/2011 c2 TulipNixphe
i think she should be a poseidon cause she was looking out at the sea read greek dreams and reveiw
2/12/2011 c6 1lovetoread1998
good job
2/10/2011 c6 4Falling.into.the.sky
It is perfectly okay that we disagree on teams. But agree with me on this- the Black Eyed Peas were a HORRIBLE half time show. Back to the story. Yay, you updated. And the characters are really in character! It's hard to do, I know, which makes this an awesome story.
2/9/2011 c5 10Ansa88
ookaay...wow. awesome chappy! i will be using this one for chapter 6 as well, can't wait to see what happens! LOL i love the whole scene. it must be hard not being able to talk about being a demigosh freely with friends. alot of friends.
2/7/2011 c5 11Turtle1999
Please update soon! You are making the characters seem a lot like their original personalities from the stories they are from. Which is really amazing how you can make them sound so much like the authors wrote it. Whenever I read a chapter it sounds like J.K. Rowling or Rick Riordon wrote it. Like I said earlier PLEASE UPDATE!
2/6/2011 c5 2Protego Totalum
Love this chapter :D And I agree, GO PACKERS! I love the part with Nico and Peeves XD
2/6/2011 c5 4Falling.into.the.sky
First off, go Steelers! Second, at the end it says Harry POV but there's nothing after that. Was there supposed to be more in Harry's POV, or was that just a typo? Oh, and I like the story so far!
1/31/2011 c4 2Protego Totalum
YAY! they arrived at Hogwarts :D I love Nico's evil little wand grin XD
1/30/2011 c4 4Falling.into.the.sky
This is redressing good! I can't wait for more.
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