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5/21 c24 WaqtZaya
It just hurts to know that this wonderful story isn't complete and I cry knowing the lost potential of it. Anyway thank you for writing this.
5/18 c13 WaqtZaya
I had a hard time imagining this wedding but it was so much fun I laughed and laughed ahahha. Nicely done. If I ever get married it will be the way you did it. ;)
5/18 c11 WaqtZaya
Chase, you do the LP. Take your little sister with you."

"Which one?" Chase questioned with a smart-assed grin.

House tossed the file on the table. "The one who's actually been to med school."

Loving the story so far so nice but this one I rolled on the floor and had to comment hahahahahah
10/22/2021 c24 introvertedillusions
read this again, cuz 2021 has sucked so far and I need some fluff. loved this so much :*
10/4/2021 c1 introvertedillusions
this is so so so effing good! I hope you continue, its 202, but one can hope!
7/16/2019 c24 marie
Hello from 2019! Even when this will likely never get finished, I liked it very much :D
11/26/2018 c12 Kris
Ok I have to say something here..I like your story thus far, but IMHO Cuddy is being very selfish. She is allowing herself to take prescription pain meds for a condition (surgery) that will, in time, go away but yet she won't allow a chronic pain patient to have any sort of prescription pain meds? Geez, I've never been in a relationship, never been married, but IMHO if someone is putting their child above the needs of their soon to be spouse then something is seriously wrong.

Not even considering the fact that as Greg gets older, chances of him developing arthritis in that leg is extremely high..Guess he won't be allowed anything stronger than OTC crap then either huh?

Like I said, I really like your story, but this chapter (and the Bombshells episode really pissed me off)
2/5/2018 c24 Screec-94
Hey there! I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading your story!
I particullary like how you developed the plot and the characters not going too OOC also if you have taken a completly different direction compared to the one the show has!
Really nicely done, thank you for sharing it and letting other people enjoy it.
12/8/2017 c24 Guest
Espero todo haya marchado muy bien en tú vida personal y con tu esposo. Que se encuentren muy bien.
Ya no supimos nada de tí, debido a que no actualis
12/8/2017 c24 Guest
Hola, desde que publicabas esta historia leia cada capítulo, es una pena que no lo continues; sería genial que lo hicieras aunque haya pasado tanto tiempo.
Espero lo puedas llegar a contunuar en un futuro.
Una disculpa por escribir en español, pero no soy muy buena con el ingles.
7/19/2017 c21 Sophie Emelia
I knew it! I knew it! I knew that they would have twins! I bet one is a boy and one is a girl
9/13/2016 c24 Kelly
I am a new Huddy fan and love you twist on season 7. now only if you finish this fic will make everyone's dreams come true
8/8/2016 c24 myragumm
The BEST story! praying for an update :)
6/26/2016 c1 8AglaiaWar
ヽmy babies! let me hold you! i love this
5/21/2016 c24 Helen
Please please continue this story I'd love to see uncle Wilson babysitting Rachel & Huddy's weekend away
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