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12/7/2015 c4 1MariaPerkyBat
Yuuki is, technically, a Kuran.
2/5/2013 c12 Akiko Song
Hi Zero, good 2 meet u...FINALLY! i have some decent questions 4 u (i am a vampire but PLEAZ DONT KILL ME!)

1) what do u think you would look like as a dragon? (this is my image of u, just look up aluka the dragon on google images)
2)who do u think is scarier? Hannibal Lecter or Freddy Krueger?
3)if u had 2 have another name other than Zero what would it be?
4) can Level D vamp's become Pureblood..AT ALL?!
5)if u had 2 have a hobby other than vamp hunting what would it be?
6)would you be any good at hunting demons?

5/16/2012 c1 1Chibi Anjiru
Hello Zero... I'm not gonna ask you any stupid questions and I don't like you either... But my friend does...


1.) Do you like Evanescence?

2.) What about Linkin park?

3.) What's black ops? I forgot what's it called.

4.) Why do people keep on asking questions like 'Do you like Kaname?' I think it's stupid. -_-'

5.) How much ammo? (I think that's what it's called? Sorry I'm just a kid.) Can bloody rose contain.

6.) Why don't you kill Kaname? His over a thousandy classmate said... Isn't that considered as a pedophile? When Yuuki is like...? 15?

7.) I like your twin better...

8.) I saw some stories on the Internet that are called 'twincest' is it okay if I know? Maybe not...

9.) I don't wanna grow up... It's boring! Do you think it's boring? I wanna be a kid forever!

10.) You think we can be friends? Please? (It's okay I you don't wanna...)

11.) Good luck on answering my friends question.


1.) HI ZERO! Kiss me! Or Anjiru! (Anjiru: What the?)

2.) I wish I was Yuuki! I envy her! (Anjiru: Uh...)

3.) Date me! Please! I'm not boyish like Anjiru! (Anjiru: Yuck! Why would I date someone.)

4.) What's your favorite song? (Anjiru: She'll copy it.)

5.) What kind of- (Anjiru: Genre.) I was gonna say that! What kind of genre of songs do you like? I like country! (Anjiru: I like gothic rock! Like Evanescence.)

6.) If Yuuki died would you come with me? Or my friend? (Anjiru: You really like putting me into stuff like this do you? And Yuuki can't die... She's a- Never mind...)

7.) Do you know La 'corda doro? (Anjiru: Wh*re.)

8.) Come with me Zero! Anjiru, sing the song! (Anjiru: *Sighs* I'll believe all your lies just pretend you love me make believe close your eyes I'd give anything to give. Happy Friend?)

9.) *Jumps on Zero and starts kissing him* (Anjiru: Get a room! *Runs do the next room*)

10.) Bye sweetie! (Anjiru: Bye...)
4/24/2012 c12 12Penguin Jinchou
hi zerorin, i just have a few questions.

1. huggles?

2. ummm, i just wanna know that of yuki and kaname and aido didnt exist, would you date me?

3. you dont have to answer the above question if it makes you uncomfortable.

4. if yuki dumped kaname, would you help me kill him? i hate the damn fag

5. in all the fuss, i forgot to ask how your day was.

6. ive always wanted to go to japan, hows it like there?

7. please dont give me one worded answers, its not cool.

8. would you rather night me or screw kaname?

9. again you dont have to answer the above question if it makes you umfortable.

10. i dont like you as much as ichuru, by the way, can i pls talk to him?

11. Ichuru! can you pleas make out with me?

12. i love you soooooooooo much, your brother is so anti-social, and he definitely isnt as sexy as you are

13. notice how my mood changes ;)

14. can i have your babies, how cool would it be if i had twins!

15. marry me!

hugs ichuru and squeals before leaving
1/10/2012 c12 2lukriinah
Is there a limit to how many questions I can ask? :)

Anyway. The questions:

1. Zero. Do you like drawing? And if you do, are you good at it?

2. Why do you hate Chairman so much? xD

3. Could you pretty pretty please hug me? ^-^

4. I think you're sexy. Very. ;D

5. Okay let's say you have to go out with either Shiki, Kain or Hanabusa. Who would you choose? And yes you have to choose someone. :D

6. Is there a reason you hate Kaname besides him being a pureblood vampire and taking Yuuki away from you? And don't worry I don't like him. I like you! :)

7. What are your hobbies besides hunting vampires?

8. Am I annoying? =O

9. How many girlfriends did you have yet? It have to be a lot. XD

10. Flip your hair? *irresistible puppy dog eyes*

11. Have you ever been to Austria? I live there. :)

12. What were your parents names? And what were they like? ^-^

13. Who do you have more Kaname or Shizuka?

14. Do you hate me? And be honest.

VampiresxRock :D
12/7/2011 c6 rj232
I was you for halloween. What were you for Halloween if you ever trick-or-treated?

2. Are you gay?

3.What`s your favorite candy?

4. Are you aware your an anime charecter?

5. Do you like manga and anime?

6.My mom sais your a girly boy. Are you?

7. If Yuki mystereously died tommorow, would you be my boyfreind?

8. I know others have asked, but pleeeeeeeas bite me.

9. Can I touch your beutiful silky hair?

10. Do you like Star Treck?

11. Wht do you want for Christmas?
12/4/2011 c2 3fire enturnal
1. if u get a letter from hogwarts would u go?

2. if for some reason u were elected minister for magic. what would u do first?

3. join the deatheaters. they need more then just draco.

4. teach me to dance (cas' i'm hopeless)

5. if u met voldemort. what would u do?

6. zero meet edward, edward meet zero. now kill that sparkly vampire.

7. can i have a big dragon?

8. WITCH! i`m a saurceress there is a HUGE difference.

9. i like cheese. do u like cheese?

10. ever read the last dragon cronicals by chris d`lacey? if not i suggest u do
12/3/2011 c12 Bianca Arseneau
Hi Mr kiriu

U may call me Bibi, im 23, i am an elf with long blond hair that extend to my knees, i have dark green eyes, and im t nice for my own good.

1)*blushes tomato red* c..can we be f..friends?

2)Kanama sc.scares me *sniff*

3)i fine Yuki sweet and all...but...shes such an idiot (sorry yuki) ...i wish she would just get it that you love her.

4)stick out ur tongue out plz? *nips my finger and gives u a drop of elf blood* there ur stable, no more fearing of turning to lvl E *give u a lil smile, blushes a lil*

5)vous plarler tu francais? (do u speak french?)

6)*makes home made ramen and leaves on the tables for u, does the disches*

7)do...u like werewolves? .

well l8r Mr. Kiriu *hope i didn't mispell anithing* .
11/25/2011 c12 7Chandinee Richards

1. I didn't say it because you don't like him. I said it because I can't remember his name...

2. If I give you a cookie will you give me a hug?
11/2/2011 c12 7kulisu
When talking to me, call me 'Kuri'. Partly because it sounds cool, partly because I live a hidden life and partly because it would be weird you going 'MEEEEEEEE' every time you were refering to me...

Now, 1. ...*glomps* :D

2. Can you go out with Shiki-kun?

3. If not, me? :3

4. Can I call you 'Prince Emo'? Pweeeaaaasssseee?

5. Do you want to join me in calling Kuran 'Hinge Face' for the rest of his... never-ending life?

6. *pulls out butchers knife* :3

7. Umm, can you be my human sacrifice? I'll kill Hinge Face for you, as well.

8. You're on your 'time of the month', aren't you? Don't lie.

9. What's your favourite food/drink? I like blood. I'm not a vampire, it's just yummy.

10. If you could be any animal, what would it be? I'd be a goldfish, so I could forget all my worries every three seconds.

11. Could you be like Kaito and threaten Aidou with a chainsaw, while looking sexy?

12. Could you give me a hunter's weapon? I want to murder every vampire in existance. Including Shiki.

13. Could it be a weapon that works on humans? Then I'd murder everyone. :D


I... think I'm done. So, Zero? ANSWER.

P.S. My best friend loves Hinge Face. I think I'll kill her just for that. And do cartwheels on her.
10/28/2011 c12 3Maryritai
Kiryu, Why the hell are you doing this anyways? What does MP bribe you with? Twinkies?

1) What does it keep you distracted from?

2) How is Yuuki? Is she okay or showing any signs that she is remembering. Not that I'm doubting my powers, I just want to be sure.

3) How is everything at Cross Academy?
10/27/2011 c12 gyutiepie
Dear Zero

.. I though WE were asking the questions~

Anyway, eh, just bored. and I do get asked that alot, - finger on chin-

Ah well.


lets see, What to ask... If you could have any super power, what would it be?

I wanna teleport, hehe that'd be EPIC~~
10/27/2011 c12 Professor KanZe
Okay, Zero, here is my new set of questions! Glad you're back!

1. Have you ever watched Death Note?

2. If so, don't you think L.Lawliet is beautiful? (find a picture if not)

3. If you were trapped in a room with L, and he was coming on to you and you didn't have the Bloody Rose, what would you do?

4. If you were trapped in a room with BB, a serial killer that had the potention to kill you and you didn't have the Bloody Rose again, what would you do?

5. Sorry for my Death Note related questions, I'm obsessed. Do you mind? :D

6. I'll buy you ramen if you say no ;)

7. Now that Yuki isn't in your life, will you ever want another girl?

8. You know how everyone says you are beautiful (BECAUSE YOU ARE), do you also think that about yourself?

9. Do you read yaoi?

10. I bet you do! I bet you read some hot KanamexZero yaoi, and you wish it was real! :D

11. If you had the chance to 'do it' with Yuki, but it meant it had to be a threesome with Kaname involved, would you do it?

12. Do you like salt? Like, not on it's own, but salty tasting things? :3

Anyway! That's all i can think of right now! Good bye for you, my gorgeous little Zero-chan! Heh ;)
10/19/2011 c11 ApplesAndPotatoChips
^_^ Yay! It's reopened! Ahem.. Soo.. Zero... How ya been? Miss Author, you changed your name again?

1. Hug?

2. I say Kaname *Cough Hinge-for-a-name cough* you say..?

3. I give you a knife. What do you do?

4. You see Ryuk from Death Note. What do you do?

5. You see Sebastian in Demon Form from Kuroshitsuji. What do you do?

6. What is your worst nightmare? (Excludes Kuran and a hyper chairman)

7. ... Do you like Apples or Potato Chips?

See ya~!
10/14/2011 c11 1LittlePippi

OK, to the questions:

1. I don't get it. Why are you with Aido

2. You're not gay...right?

And this is for my friends

3. If you brother wasn't sick when he was young but you were instead what do you think he would've done?

4. if you didn't have your bloody rose what other weapon would you use?

5. Would you have let Yuuki stay a human for life? And never become a vampire?

6. How did you take it when Hanabusa was about to drink Yuuki's blood?

And she also demands a kiss, and a smile.

And I have a message from my 'Hanabusa Fangirl' friend: BACK OFF ZERO! HANABUSA IS MINE!

Hope I didn't bothered you much.
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