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10/14/2011 c11 Professor KanZe
OMG, yay! It's back! Just a question, will you be posting the questions we left in reviews before you discontinued that wern't posted because of this reason, as well as new ones...? (if that makes sence!)
10/13/2011 c11 gyutiepie
Okay, hello Zero...


Um. Lets see, what to ask, AH! okay. So have you ever felt the urge to run around naked?

hehe, just wondering XD
10/13/2011 c11 3Maryritai
Zero-san, It's glad to see you back. Anyways, since Kaname is gone and Shiki and Rima are um... having a "therapeutic misadventure" *Winks* I should talk to you!

1- How does it feel to be back doing "Ask Zero Kiryu?"

2- How's you and Yuuki's relationship?

3- Have you missed having me around, the person who gave you Yuuki for good?

By the way, I've been practicing Telekinesis, so it's very, very strong. But don't worry, Your a friend of mine. Anyways, the telekinesis for my king of douche-bags cousin, Kaname.
10/13/2011 c11 7Chandinee Richards
Excuse me for a second while I go fangirl...Ok, I'm back.


1. Who do you hate most other then that dude Yuki likes?

2. Want a cookie?

3. Did you know that the cake is a lie?
4/27/2011 c10 Professor KanZe
Ah thats reaaly disapointed me but obviously its ur choice. At least it was good whilst it lasted so thanks :)
4/27/2011 c10 sparkles the awsome
ahh well too bad i guess.

way too many reviews for me are the bestXD

have a nice break:)

bye for now not forever?
4/27/2011 c10 2ArmyRabbit

4/26/2011 c10 8Amplifyingly Loud
alright we can understand this. i wish you luck in whatever you do. thank you for the fun time.
4/26/2011 c10 7Chandinee Richards
Aw, I thought is was good, and funny. Wish you were continuing. I'll have to check your other stories. And if u r taking a break, hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for writing this, it was really good!
4/26/2011 c9 chaos
questions for beyond, xLiABBx.

1. whats your opinion on the akatsuki?

2. fave from cell 7?

3. opinion on cheese?

4. i say kakashi you say...

5. i say itachi you say...

6. alltime favorite naruto character?

7. do you like ramen and pocky?

you rock, xlaibbx
4/25/2011 c7 Chandinee Richards
Loving it :) Whenever I read the hair-flip part, I think of Sebastian's hair flip in Kuroshituji II

I only want a hug zero and a kiss (on the cheek is fine) It would make my day.

4/21/2011 c9 Yuuki-chan
Its me again, thanks for replying to me. I'm glad to hear your ok. ^^ Sorry if I annoy you... I don't mean to be annoying. Anyways I guess on to the questions.

1. So you do hate me? If you do please tell me and I'll go away..

2. Are you safe?

3. How are you feeling?

That's all I can think of, so I guess I'll go now. Please be careful and stay safe. Bye.
4/12/2011 c9 6xXAnime4LifeXx

1) what is ur favouritf music genre?

2) Tiger or hiena?

3) Yaoi or Yuri?

4) Shonen or mecha?

5) favourite flower?

6) Black or Red?

7) U R FITT - Statement!
4/12/2011 c9 2ArmyRabbit
Hey Zero,

Just gonna get to the point then out of your way,

1. Why are you so distant from people?, especially those who want to help!

2. If you had a son or a daughter, what would you name them?

3. Can I hold your gun? I know you might say no, but it just looks soooo awesome!

4. Can I touch your hair? it looks soo silky!

Thank you, oh and heres some Ramen.

Bye, P.S. Hi Ichiru
4/11/2011 c9 tomoyo21
Hello zero-kun!

1. if yuuki came back to you would you still accept her?

2. what would you do if yuuki said that she loves you more than kaname?

3. can you please smile? you look way more handsome when you smile (you don't have to force yourself)

4. if yuuki died then what will you feel? sad or happy?

5. what do you think of yori-chan?

well that's all... tnx if you answered them or not..
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