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4/3/2011 c8 gyutiepie
Um.. hi Zero-kun.

I they no Kaname is mean

But you have to feel bad, he's stuck in the love triangle too...

I'm not saying I side with him but...yeah

Um. I wanted to know if you've ever read rated M kanamexzero stories...

There not that bad

* slight nose bleed*

Worries bout blood

I have rare demon blood. Vampires usually find it irresistible.

But I can fend for my self. * grins*

Uh. What's York favorite color

Do you watch anime

How are you so pale.


I uh have a kiss please *blusges*

Thank you.


4/1/2011 c8 DNfangirl
Umm... is BB locked in yoyr closet..? lol


1.Do you like spongebob?

2.Do you play football?

3.Whats your fave flavor of ice cream?

4.Name ur fave bands:

4/1/2011 c8 Wolf Named Marshmellow

Can I has a kiss? *puppy dog eyes*

Oh and can I hold the bloody rose?

What's your favorite flavor of ramen?

I LOVE YOU! ^^' hehe sorry... I probaly seem real annoying right now... sorry...

Bye Zero-kun!
3/30/2011 c8 Rin-chan
Hi Zero! Your my favorite vampire knight character! I don't mean to sound like a fangirl but, I LOVE YOU! YOUR THE BEST VK CHARACTER EVER!

Hehe... yeah sorry about that...^^' Anyways to the questions.

1. Can I have a hug please?

2. Here's some ramen ^^ *hands ramen* I love ramen and pocky!

3. Can I hold your gun? Please? I've handled guns before! So I'm trust-worthy.

4. Do you like waffles? (Sorry lol my friend wants to know)

5. So I'm confused, do you like Kaname or Yuuki?

That's all the questions I can think of so bye! ^^
3/29/2011 c8 1Scarlettxx
Haha. I Love you too.

Sorry I forgot you idn't read the manga. (blushes.) I shouldn't throw spoilers out there like that. Well you should read it. Its very good.


1.) Are you secretly gay? I mean come on you seem to have no intrest in girls. and well you always get real passionate about guys. (ex. Kaname, Ichiru, Hanabusa) You know that could be taken the wrong way.. ^.^

2.)Will you smile for me?

3.) -Sighs- Im kinds guessing you said no, but would you smile for Kaname?


5.) Are you the seme or the uke in your relationship with Kaname?

Goodbye. I Love you. :) See you later ;)

3/29/2011 c1 chaos
hai were my first fave anime character...

1. whats your opinion on the akatsuki?

2. fave from cell 7?

3. opinion on cheese?

4. i say kakashi you say...

5. i say itachi you say...

6. i say yuuki you say...

7. i say kaname you say...

8. want some blood? *shows neck*

bite me please!

3/29/2011 c8 Yuuki
Hi Zero-kun! I have a few questions...

1. How are you?

2. Your not really gay like the fangirls say... are you?

3. Do you really hate me? :'( I hope you don't...

I really miss you... I hope you can forgiving me for going with Kaname... I really didn't want to bu-

Crap... Kaname is coming... I have to go... :'( Bye Zero-kun
3/28/2011 c8 Bellatrix

1. Blood is delicious. O_O

2. *grabs shirt and shakes back and forth* WHY THE FLYING FUCK DON'T YOU LIKE WEASELS!

3. Lemme explain this slowly- virtual you and Yuuki were dating, but I got bored with that so I had you be in a hot threesome with Aido and Kaname. It was really sexy. X3

4. Do you know if you can make gravy out of blood? 'Cuz I have a lot of type O just sitting around...

5. Can vampires get AIDS and other STDs from the blood that they drink?

6. Hug?

7. Hug?

8. Hug please?

Goodbye, Oh-sexy-one.
3/25/2011 c8 yourworestnightmire
I readvsome of the things and does your gun really transform into a rose bush anyways time for the questions

1 for the mini nukes I take I owe yous

2 how many people have you stalked today, i'v done bout 50

3 have you ever had a teacher try to teach you the word perverted, i have

4 why was BB mentioned so much in the last chap when this is your quetion thingy

5 Can i please kill someone that annoys you, I have communication with tony

6 do you even know who Tony is

7 do i annoy?

k see ya and I also will sell any wepon for any one with money
3/25/2011 c8 3thekawaiifangirl

im back. after a while. and im gonna ask humane questions, dont worry.

1) im just going to say, i LOVED THE FAREWELL BETWEEN YOU AND YUUKI. :D

2) are you seriously going to kill Yuuki? :P

3) what if kaname died and Yuuki was left alone, would you still try and kill her?

4) does it feel weird to have your brother inside of you? o.O

5) are you really the Hunter's Association President? cuz i was confused...i need that cleared up...

6) do you think you're going to fall to Level E anytime soon?

7) if you do begin to fall Level E, how are you going to try and stop it? or are you just gonna let it happen?

8) what if Yuuki came back to help you stop falling to Level E, would that stop you from killing her?

3/25/2011 c8 12XTsunamiOfFireX
hey Zero-kun im back! bettcha missed me hu? ;D

1.) ok so do you like cats or dogs...why?

2.)it was my characters b-day a week ago could you sing happy birthday? shes 22 her name is Atsauki :3

3.)weird question,my friends say i shouldnt have kids because of the way i act whatcha think? *wiggles arms in a wierd way*~~~o3o~~~

4.) *brings kaname* ha! now you cant deny it!hes told me EVERYTHING!*evil laugh*

5.)next,you know...what pisses you off more? fangirls or yaoi fangirls(cuz im both XD)

that's it for now...bye-bye meow zero-kun!
3/24/2011 c8 CleanSlateSparkles
hi Zero...

1) you know the whole Ichiru hate/don't hate thingy? well i've totally confused both of us so i guess i'll have to let this one go.

2) *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* how *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* the *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* fuck *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* does *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* asking *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* if *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* you *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* like *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* cherry *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* pie *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* bother *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* you *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth* Zero? *stuffs cherry pie in your mouth*

*Zero faints*

... oh... oh my... i think i made Zero explode... i didn't kill him did i...? oh my...


well... i'm just gonna... pretend that didn't happen and ask the rest of my questions...

3) um... i was reading through the chapters and stumbled upon a very awkward question, asking Zero on his view on... incest. zero, you're right. it's disgusting. Libby... how exactly is it sexy?

4) once again (dude, you've gotta understand this) Yuuki. is. food.

end of story.

...not my questions.

okay maybe my questions too...

OH OH OH...!

5) friends are NOT useless.

it's the opposite. i will not give examples. don't ask me why either. cuz i will karate your ass all the way to Rido's room and lock you in together. i know how much you hate him.

even worse than Kaname.

even worse than shizuka.


6) do you secretly want to be hugged?

7) what would you do if the chairman bought you a car? (i'm thinking on the lines of run over everyone in the night class) that's something you would do right?

see ya!

don't die or anything okay?

or i will kill you^.^

don't think too much into that.
3/24/2011 c8 Sunlight Charmer
Hello Zero,

1) Ever kissed anybody that's in vampire knight. ^ v ^

2) Can I have a hug? Pwease?

3) This isn't a question btw You should've made your move sooner then yuki wouldn't go crying to kaname.

Bye and xL-iz-After-BeyondBirthdayx you rock!
3/24/2011 c8 6it0takes0skills0to0be0me
hey again zero!

thanks so much for answering my Q's!

(oh and by the way i cant ask your parents why your so hot...u no...cause there dead)

oh and sweet gun! but yes i was implying that your gun was girly(sorry)

ok enough rambling onto the Q's!

1.(im so sorry for asking this but my friend wants to no) have you ever touched Kaname's hair? i heard its REALLY SOFT!

2.(my turns!) can i become a vampire hunter 2?

3. did kaname ever assult you sexualy? cause you could kill him for that!

4.why is yuuki a midgit?

5.why cant yuuki have a cooler weapon than a farm scythe! i mean you hv a gun, Kaname a sword and what dose yuuki get? A PLASTIC POLE! the author was probily getting ALOT of hate mail.

hehe srry was ramling again!


K! by zero WAIT ONE MORE


3/23/2011 c8 8Amplifyingly Loud
i never said ichiru had to live with me. i just wanted to ask if he would kill me. tch. i'm not zero's fan girl. i'm just a microscopic (aka taller than yuuki probably) million celled organism who dares grate on kiryuu zero's nerves *sticks tongue out*

1) can you teach me how to shoot an anti vampire gun? i gots a certain shirabuki to murder...

2) let's go on a hunt (to kill pureblood mentioned above)

3) have you ever TRIED talking to the blond kid?

4) who's BB?

5) can you tie a cherry stem into a knot?

6) you contracted with LIABB...demon vampire!

7) why are you such a grumpy pants zerorin?

8) let's play the which one is zero game! okay, there's more than one zero! can you find the anime ones? besides yourself.

9) hmmm...i'm bored. entertain me zero. nothing yaoi. i just use kaname to mess with you.

10) zero, you will bow down to LIABB and say "i owe you because i'm smart like that." then you will bake her favorite snack. if not...*cue thunder* you will suffer da consequences (meaning LIABB can taser zero)

ciao meanie zero! and miss author.
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