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2/19/2011 c7 Professor KanZe
Heyyaa zeroriin, this was katiee kiryuu but now, i havee an account XD

1. Dont you think my new name is just amazing?

2. Thanks for answering my questions last time, so here is your ramen as promised

3. I took your advice and asked kaname why he's such a control freak, his answere was this "i watched zero sleep one night and he muttered in his sleep that i am sexy when i go into control freak mode so i decided to be control freak forever "

4. See zero, you DO love eachother :D

5. Yes zero, we all watch your life, it's a show called vampire knight ! You should watch it.

6. When you ate ichiru i cried for like half an hour its so so upsetting...

7. I wish shikizu hio never exsisted , that way, you would be finally happy and smile more!

8. How were you born with silver hair? Thats so amazing!

9. Why did you sign up to this contract anyway? But im glad you did, its fun!

10. You know what? Im yuuki's pen pal, and shes always told me she loves you not kaname, she only goes with kaname because he told her he'd rape her if she told anyone. And shes only told me and i promised not to tell anyone an-... Oops. *yuuki gives evils* Im sorry yuuki! Quick zeroriin, help me kill kaname! What dya say? Yes? You dont have to worry about hurting yuukis fellings, she hates him! Mwhahahaha!

Anyway thats it for now, bye byee sexy !
2/19/2011 c7 sparkles the awsome
1. thankyou for being so honest... mostly. lol... 2. how exactly does asking if you like chrry pie bother you? 3. yuuki IS foodXD 4. and now I must go... talk to you again and good luck with the fans 5. one more thing... you did say that I said that you said what I or you said about ichiruu... what ever it was... I can't remember. this is a bitch to type on an iPod... well yeah bye
2/18/2011 c7 Bellatrix Birthday
Dad, your safe. I'm only here to bother Zero. Aside from this, I'm not even gonna make eye contact you.

Sorry for almost raping you with that glomp the last time I saw you, Zero. Your just too sexeh to leave alone, though. :3

(xLiABBx: both my father in my sad, sad, fanfic world and my real male parental unit,


1. You and Kaname are both hot, but you are teh sexeh dynamite! :D

2. Do you like weasels?

3. I think that I forgot my meds this morning. O_o

4. Hug?

5. Have a taco. *gives taco*

6. On the Sims 3, I have you and Yuuki in a relationship. For a while I had you cheating on her with Kaname and Aido. XD

7. Your hair is pretty... :3

8. Do you like waffles?

9. I think that the orange juice I had earlier had something alcaholic in it...

10. HAVE A RABBIT, FOO! *throws rabbit*

See ya 'round, sexy. ;)
2/18/2011 c7 Cinnamon
Dear Zero,

1.I feel so sorry for you doing all these things they ask or demand

2.Will you hug me?( I don't really care if you don't)

it's scary being alone..( mentally )

3.What's your favorite color?

4.What is something that you want but can't get no matter what?


P.S Do you hate me?
2/18/2011 c7 4Yuurika
Hi~? How are you doing? I hope fine.I have some things to ask you 1. What would you do if yuuki get murderer? Yeah I know is hard to answer that. 2. Do you like puppies? I read that you like them but it suprise me. 3. What season do you like the most? And why? I love autumn cause is not too hot nor too cold. 4. What would you like as a birthday present? 5. If you have to choose, hug kaien or kaito? Its mere curiosity. Thats all. I hope you answer me :) and sorry for my horrible english
2/18/2011 c7 1Scarlettxx
Dear ZERO! xD

I feel bad for you. All these fan girls asking you strange questions. haha. Well I'm about to join them.

1.)Why do you pretend to hate Yuki? Its so stupid. Just go make out with her or something. You know you want to. ^.^

2.)Why are you so mean to your fan girls? Dx We love you! lol

3.)Why do you love killing so much? Its a bit creepy, Zero-kun.

4.)At the party why didn't you just have a nice reunion with Yuki? insted of making us all suffer.

5.)You understand that it's not smart to point your bloody rose at everyone don't you? This is why you have no friends. BUT I LOVE YOU EVEN THOUGH YOU TRY TO KILL ALMOST EVERYONE YOU MEET! xD

6.)Does my blood smell as good as Yuki's?

7.)Do I bother you?

8.) Lets be Best friends xD haha you signed a contract. (Real smart move there buddy. ^.^)
2/9/2011 c3 12XTsunamiOfFireX
ZERO-KUN!*glomps* hi :3

1.)i bet you do like kaname! admit it!

2.)hmm did you know in the manga kaname and yuuki are brother and sister?

3.)ha,i luv kaname hes a should be a pureblood too

4.)what is yuuki really to you?(not that you'd cheat on your bf,kaname)

5.) ok 2 choices,you bite me or you make out with kaname!

6.)what would you think about the night class and the day class if they were at the same time?

thats it i luvs u zero-kunz!

~Xxlawliet fangirlxX
2/7/2011 c6 MissyJane.D
Hii im back! xx

Hiya Zero babyyy :)

aww I did see your good side didn't I? lol good.

1. Don't get upset with the blood offer, dont worry haha I'm fine really.

2. If Ichiru was still alive, would you take back everything that happened?

3. (ok this si a silly question) Wanna go stalk Kaname, see his weaknesses and stuff hehe...

4. i got another plushie Zero! look hes smiling again, lol

5. hmmm, here is what I think of you :P your cute, shy, sencitive, adorable, intelligent, kind, beautiful, sometimes angry and just a total sweetie *smiles* I could describe you even more but theres a million words for you darling :P

6. hug and kiss? please?

Ok, well my head's hurting (im still in hospital yeep)So im going to stop now :P

Keep smiling that sweet smile of yours darling. xx
1/28/2011 c6 sparkles the awsome
i completely forgot about this and i didn't think about it until nowD: so you're hot for Kaname (apparently i don't really want to believe it and it's hard to anyway) and you're in love with yuuki and you want to kill Kaname all at the same time. am i right? i mean how the fuck does that work?

i'm getting a headache nowD:

and what's with you GLADLY hugging people now? it's scary... no offenece. it's just weird. one minute you're like "NO, I DUN WANNA!" and the nexst it's "Sure i'll hug you^^" *hugs person*

i'm starting to think you're bipolar. that's not true is it?

well i don't care. crazy bipolar people (like you and me) are awesome^^

once again, adios amigo! (i don't even no what language that is) and good luck with all those adoring stalker glompy fansXD lol i feel sorry for you. actually i think you're gonna need more than a little luck. about... may the force be with you? wow i'm such a freakXD but it'd be good if it was.

*bad imitation of zero being a jedi* IMMA USE MY AWESOME ASS FORCE POWERS TO PUSH AWAY ALL MY ADORING FANS! i need personal space you knowD:

ok how about... may god protect you?


let's just stick with the force crap.

well let's just leave it at that. bye Zero^^ *smirks*
1/28/2011 c6 3thekawaiifangirl
1) Thanks again for the hair flip, it really made my day :D

2) uhmm...just outta curiosity...i dont mean to offend anyone or anything...but, why the freak are people making you sound gay? x(

3) i mean honestly, you're SO not the gay type.

4) y'know if you cant get Yuuki, you can always go after some other cute chick ;)

5) y'know there are plenty on here [hint, hint] ;)

6) can you do another hair flip for me, please? i need some cheering up. c:

7) one last question: what do you think about all these fangirls? please be 1000% honest. AT LEAST DO IT FOR THIS LOYAL FAN GIRL! :D

thanks(: love you 3
1/28/2011 c6 5Snookens5
1. So where does xLiABBx:live? :D Like in a non stalker way,like do you live in the states,etc.

2. Ever think about starting your own we hate kaname club?(Honestly i don't really like his character(no offense to his fans) but his just don't devious. If Zero was devious it would look cool and dare i say sexy, but on Kaname it creeps me out .)

3. Are you a virgin? ^x^

4.xLiABBx do you want to play video games with meh? :D

5. You know you love Yuki so just admit it.

6 I know why you wont admit it, because you secretly love xLiABBx.

7~Randomly sings~'...Everywhere I Go, Bitches always know

That Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show(bitch)

Everywhere I Go, Bitches always know

That Charlie Scene has got a weenie that he loves to show..."

:DDDDDDD Adios te veo en el siguiente capítulo :D( see you next chapter)
1/28/2011 c6 katiee kiryuu
hii zerooriin, *smiles nervously*

1. how are you today? no one reaaly asks u that :)

2. what do u do like to do in ur spare time?

3. if u dont have a birthday, can u make it february 4th so its the same as mine?

4. do you know you are a charecter in a tv program and everyone watches your life?

5. why is kaname such a control freak?

6. *mumbles* i...l...ovee.youuu *blushses*

7. what are your plans for the fururee? and who do you want to spend it with?

8. please answer my questons and ill buy you a ramen ;)

well, thats all for now byebyee zerorinn*giggles* xx
1/28/2011 c6 Hanabusa Aido
Hi again honey :)

1. Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you... (or did I? xP)

2. Now, I really do have an apology to make: I told one random girl who bumped into me on the streets about you kissing me and all other bits of our date! So sorry Zerorin...

3. Now now... how come you're nervous that Kaname-sama knows about our relationship?

4. *love bang*

5. *kisses you on the lips*

6. See ya tonight honeyyy :P

(Now, xLiABBx san, what are you doing? *suspicious*...)
1/28/2011 c6 sailor sirius
(Yay this story always makes my day, thanks loads, xLiABBx :D)

Hi again, Zerorin :)

1. YAY! *fiddles with gun* Don't worry I won't break it :P

2. Awww... *half expected you would actually hug me*

3. Oh reallyyyy...

4. The other day, I bumped into him and he told me all about it!

5. You even KISSED him (woops wasn't supposed to say that! Sorry Aido senpai!)

6. Awww... Sirius-chan wants a kiss too... pweeeezzzee? *mesmerizing super powerful puppy eyes* (gaahhh, too much effort on puppy eyes...)

7. I love ramen too, Zero! Can I eat it with you sometime?

8. YAY let's go! *runs off to find super sharp katana to slice the douche king's head off*
1/28/2011 c6 3Maryritai
Although, Killing my Douche Bag Of a Second Cousin might be a good idea *Smiles Evilly* But I don't want to hurt Yuuki, Since She is purely my cousin.

1: Yeah...

2: Yeah...

3: Technically your calling your self a hypocrite, And Being Racist in a way. *Ahem* Anyways, Back to the problem.

4: You Know *Smiles Evilly* I can always get her to forget about my douche relative, Forever. And I can get him to forget about Yuuki, Forever. That way, She stills remembers you, You get the girl of your dreams, that you have loved since that day, 4 years ago and bam, No need to Kill Kaname and Yet be able to get him away from her, forever.

5: Good, Cause You'll need some rope, Some Knock out gas and A Good Amount of Strength *Smiles*

(Ahem, LiABB, Can you like, Act after this event is done. Like make Zero like, talk to Yuuki or something.BTW, This Plan/Event does not FAIL!.)

(Okay, I I'll like to call this)

Finally, A Blessing

"Zero, Do you have that rope?" Mary asked, glancing at the partner besides me. "Yeah" He said, glancing at the glorious house. "I'll get inside, Distract Kaname, Knock him out, Use my Mental Abilities on him and then you knock out Yuuki" Mary says again, Repeating the Plan. "Wait outside the door" Mary says and jumps infront of the door. She knocks on the door, waiting. Yuuki and Kaname come to the door. "Hi, Kaname, Yuuki" Mary says, coming in as Kaname invites her in. "Kaname, Can I speak to you in private?" Mary asks, smiling nicely. "Sure" He replies and Mary Uses her Mind Abilites on Zero. "Zero, Go Get Yuuki" Mary Thought-speaks and Mary and Kaname go upstairs. I knock him out behind, touching his head. He slumps to the ground, unconscious. Mary touches his head and whispers in his ear, "Forget about Yuuki, Forever. You never knew her and Never Will".

Mary Dumps his body on the bed, And Then She goes downstairs. "You Knocked her out?" Marys asks. "Yeah" He replies. "Okay" Mary answers, touching Yuuki's head and whispering in her ear, "Forget about Kaname, Forever. You never knew Kaname and Never Will". "Okay, Let's take her" Mary replies and puts in her in the car and drives away.


"Where am I?" Yuuki asks, glancing around. "Your Back at the Academy" Zero replies, his arms around her shoulders. "Oh... Zero, I something to say to you" Yuuki says, blushing. "What is it" Zero asks, looking in her eyes. "I l-ove you" Yuuki forces out, blushing madly. Zero looks at her eyes and lifts up her chin. "I love you too, Yuuki" He whispers and kisses her and then they fall down in the bed. "Better leave them" Mary whispers, shutting the door, as they become a lovely couple. "Mission Done" She says and walks away, back to her dorms...

(WALLAH!, See my plan worked. See, Now Yuuki is right by your side at this minute!)
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