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1/27/2011 c6 CleanSlateSparkles
1.Is it cool having so many adoring fans?

2.Do you think that many of these adoring fans are constantly stalking you and staring at you in your sleep? (I’M LOOKING AT U SPARKLY FAGGOT)

3.Do you get sun burnt REALLY easily?

4.I’m trying to imagine a sun burnt Zero and I’m laughing my fuckin’ ass off XD

5.Do you think that white lily is actually evil or just misunderstood? Personally I think she’s misunderstood and just has a bad temper. I luv horses^^ so I don’t think that there is actually such think as an evil hores.

6.I never said that you hated Ichiru

7.What’s your top three fav foods.

8.Wait if you don’t like sweet things does that mean that you don’t like YuukiO.O

9.KANAME IS A BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD BASTARD! *throws shoe at him* Wow that made me feel LOADS better. And the whole world knows now.

10.Zero is way awesome than kaname. It’s shorter^^ and it’s notthe name of a FAGGOTY BASTARD

11.How does asking if you like cherry pie bother you? O.o

I’m out of questions for now so no lucky number this time *sigh* Laters my friend^^ *gives sympathetic hug* good luck with the fan girls *waves*

TO LiABBx: I’m free next week so I shall go on a Kaname killing spree. Wanna come with? You’re welcome to come Zero and every other Kaname hater^^
1/27/2011 c6 8Amplifyingly Loud
miss author! zerorin's being a meanie! *pouts*

1) give me 5 good reasons why i can't have ichiru. 5 is my lucky number!

2) would you rather dump aido for kaname *cough king of douches cough* or kiss the creepy yet funny chairman?

3) wine or cherry blossoms?

4) on what day of the week would you want to get married?

5) would your bride be kaname, aido, ichiru (noo! i wan ichiru!), shizuka (i actually don't care if she's dead), or your worst nightmare? and don't say yuki! yuki is not an option!

6) what is your worst nightmare?

7) do you hate me now, zerorin? :)
1/27/2011 c6 3crazyanimefanlover
Omg Zero, How come you put up with all of these fangirlz?

There annoying ME and I'm just reading what there saying to you. Man, Zero, Im not even gonna ask you a question. I feel too bad for you!
1/27/2011 c6 Bellatrix Birthday
OH. MY. GRAVY. IT'S YOUUU! *glomps* ...Sorry. I belive that mah buddy impostor has mentioned me?

1. Just to let you know, the fact that I have red eyes does NOT make me a vampire. But I do like a lot of food that LOOKS like blood, such as: raspberry jam, strawberry jam, Harry Potter blood pops (got em' at Borders.), tomato soup, and red Koolaid.

2. Is Kanami hiding around here? 'Cuz I need to fangirl over him, too.

3. He'll never admit it, but one time I saw my dad laughing at the manga scenes with blood in them. O_o

4. Impostor probably told you her crack theory about my dad being a vampire, huh? Well, just ignore it. Yes, on occation, he has drank blood, but he doesn't NEED it.

5. Hug?

6. I have your plushie. ^_^ He keeps me company whenever there are storms. I'm kinda scared of them. I also use this watergun every summer that I painted to look like The Bloody Rose.

7. I have a feeling that Impostor also told you about that time I rubbed my face on your picture. Well, you're not the only one. I also did that with Kaname's picture.

Bye. *hugs, then leaves*
1/27/2011 c5 femaleNearimpostor
Hey. Don't point and laugh just 'cuz I'm an albino, or I'll hurt you.

1. have you ever met B.B., murderer extrodinare? I'm best friends with his daughter, Bellatrix.

2. You're sooooooo cool.

3. I have a theory about B.B.'s strange liking for blood. I think that he may be a vampire. If he is, please don't kill him, or Bellatrix will go into a deep depression.

Bye. *quick hug* Oh, and be prepared. Bellatrix is planning on coming here, and she fangirls over you. Heck, one time she spent half an hour rubbing her face on your picture. Consider yourself warned.
1/24/2011 c5 CleanSlateSparkles
Sparkles the Awesome

1.YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYY! I gotz a hugXD (thank you^.^)

2.I wantz anudder one:D

3.Your eyes are so pwetty… and so is ur hair. How do you do that? And don’t you DARE tell me that your hair is naturally like that cuz everyone KNOWZ that that is complete BULL****!

4.Can I shave your head and use it as a wig? (I’m complimenting you just so you knowXD)

5.U no how u ate Ichiru… cuz he drank Shizuka’s blood, does that mean ur not gunna die anymore?

6.^That would be awesome

7.What’s ur type (of gal)

8.Why won’t u kiss me?

9.Well fine I didn’t want u to kiss me anyway

10*goes into emo corner and waits for u to get all ‘ahh I smell blood me wantz it’* heheh… *quitz being emo cuz I was using a blunt knifeD:*

11.*rubs sore wrist* kiss it better? (u don’t really HAVE to if u don’t wanna…)

12.What kind of food is ramen? I keep thinking of instant noodles then birds O.O

13.Which questions (from before and now) bothered you? (I mean what parent calls their kid Zero- it’s just cruel… no offence. Don’t kill me. well you couldn’t if you wanted to anyway because I can TOTALLY kick your ass if u did. I’m a Karate INSTRUCTOR so thereXD)

Woohoo! Lucky number again!

(to xLiABBx- don’t worry about the late update cuz knowing Zero, he probably took too long to think of an… appropriate answer. SHY MY ASS ZERO!)
1/23/2011 c5 sailor sirius
Ohayo again :P

1. How can you not know why your parents called you Zero?

2. *shoot shoot* Yay! Zerorin, can you please teach me how to use your gun more, pweeeezzzzeee? *super dazzling puppy eyes*

3. I want a hug again, Zerorin :) But if you don't want to, you can refuse...

4. I've heard you've been going out with Aido senpai lately, is that true! o.o

5. So are you up for the killing? (Of course, you can join, xLiABBx :D)
1/23/2011 c5 Hanabusa Aido
Awww... now wasn't that dinner date nice, sweetie?

1. You hugged me!

2. You were so cute when you eating that big bowl of Shio Ramen!

3. You even KISSED ME!

4. Now aren't you a darling, even Kaname-sama knows about our relationship now :)

5. Well see you around again *wink*
1/22/2011 c5 5Mirria1
more awnsers please!

1. What if I just LOOKED like a vampire? but am still human. would that be ok?

2. Can I have your gun? I want to shoot someone.

3. I have a friend that used to be human but he's a vampire now, but not by choice. no killing him. his cusin is a sorceress, and she knows a very powerful spell that stops blood hunger and falling to level E. cool huh? I would sugest you go to her but right now it only works on blood relatives. and if she tryed it on you, you and her would both die... sucks huh? (no pun intended)

4. I own all ten vampire knight books. I think there will be a 11th one out soon. ^^

5. How would you feel if you met Buffy the vampire slayer? good and bad reasons.?.

6. did you know in Harvest Moon Island of happiness, there is some whos just like you? but he's human. He's very anti-social. and he dresses like cowboy. his name is Vaughn. then in HM DS cute theirs Phantom Skye. In Zelda theres Vaatii and Dark Link. What do u think of all of them? whats you opinion on them? I like them all! ^^

7. Can you be my friend? I have no real friends. I needs a hug! *crys*

8. Im bored, want to watch the anime The Slayers?
1/22/2011 c1 3animeguysaremylife
Zero! I love you. Do you love me?


Do you love Kaname? I hope not, I've seen many people speculating on this...I think you're meant for Yuki. :D

1/22/2011 c5 MissyJane.D
haha i love this!

Hello Zero darling mwah! xxx

1. if there was no one here to help you, could I help you? you could drink my blood! i dont really mind...

2. I don't exactly like Kaname, but i must admit he's hot ^_^ you don't mind me calling you darling right? I call everyone that, oh yeh, also hun (honey). Yeh so, you are wayyy hotter! :P

3. guess wut i got a plushie Zero! *hands to him* look he's even smiling! isnt that cute! ^_^ you can cuddle him every night (like i did...)

4. you know you should smile more, I love it when you smile in some of the chapters. Smiling makes a person beautiful, so I think you should smile and wear it darling. Better than fashion or make up or anything like that.

5. I'm actully in hospital right now...don't ask. but im going to ask you something! can you give me a hug and kiss please? it'll help me feel better...please? *Puppy dog eyes*

that's all for now really, btw- please keep smiling, it's really cute and innocent and even sometimes sexy! :)

byee hun xxXXxx
1/22/2011 c5 5
Ha! There is no escape!

I am stalking youuuuu... Zerorin~!



-[could you Not put this in the question please?]-

(And btw, sice WHEN did Yuuki leave Kaname! She didn't leave him for Zero! Yori is just talking to Zero and making him kind of start to see that maybe Yuuki is still the same girl he knew. (We hope) Meanwhile, the ever enigmatic pureblood seems to be turning the people who cared about him against him on purpose, and seems to have left her. Yuuki was pretty firm in her belief that she should stay with Kaname... I still think the ZeKi pairing will win out though.)


1) Right, Zerorin. What's your point of view on... incest...

Particularly where it involves the Kurans, and you and Ichiru, because there are pairings of you two out there. (fufufufu... I'm evil! XD)

2) Do you know some crazy people think you top Ichiru! That's ridiculous! Everybody knows he walks all over you like a doormat! (Cuz you're that adorable!^^)

3) How are you today, my adorable, cutesty, shy little tsundere Zero-baby?^^

4) Would you hug Takuma? I think he needs one.

5) We all know you like killing vampires, right? Do me a favour: Kill that pureblood b*ch Sara Shirabuki! :O

6) Teach me martial arts! :D

7) Tell me you love me, and then give me a kiss and a hug!^^

8) Can I (as many fangirls long to do) have you children! XD

9) Yori has the hots for you and Yuuki, you guys should totally invite Kaname over and have an orgie! XD

10) Failing that, Yori hates Kaname too, so you two should be friends.

11) Yuuki, Yori, White-Lily... you hang around with girls a lot, huh, Zerorin?
1/21/2011 c5 3Maryritai
I like Questioning you, Takes Time off from getting away from my douche-bag of a second cousin, Kaname. Hell, I won't even use the suffix,-Sama.

1: Yes, Kiryu, That's what they call you. Just because I a Vampire doesn't mean I don't live like a Human.

2: *Sigh* Let me explain. I am a Vampric, Another word for being a Half-blood. You see, My Father was a Pure-blood, which was sadly, Rido's older brother. My Mother was Human. They are both dead now, killed by that ruthless abomination.

3: Kiryu, Your calling your self a evil blood-sucking monster (Liz, I feel the same way.)

4: Sorry about that slap, Zero. Anyways, Listen again. She actually was and still is in love with you but you push her away. Now, If you had seen yourself and Her?. What mortals are trying to tell you, Is that you and Yuuki have a natural connection. She can touch with you, She isn't afraid to tell you and she feels like herself around you. She was so sad and disappointed that you didn't kiss her. Have you actually realized that she isn't that, (Italics)Free(Italics), around Kaname-Douche as she is with you. That means she is actually in love with you. I can help you to get her back but I can't kill my own Second-Cousin.

5: Exactly. I can help you, you know?. I not afraid of helping a vampire like you, even one from a vampire hunter family.
1/21/2011 c5 8Amplifyingly Loud
yay! they like my pen name!

1) WHAT? how could you not read chapter 67? it was so horrible! yuuki was whoring herself to everyone in the vicinity! grrrr!

2) why can't you forget about yuki? we all know you want kaname (even though he's a total douche...)

3) can i take ichiru home? you don't want him anymore. you want kaname * cough the king of douches cough*

4) what makes yuki so great? i can sort of understand her being nice, but seriously?

5) why purebloods? zerorin shouldn't fall in love with vampires. they'll only make you cry yourself to sleep!

6) how much do you love kaname? and answer truthfully cuz we's still got them zappy thingies on you! :)

7) no seriously, can i have ichiru?

thanks miss or mr. author person! no thanks to you zero, you mentally scarred me (less than douche king kaname though). in the wise words of our douche king, " ja ne."
1/21/2011 c5 Pink0Poison
Dear Zero,

1. I lived next door to you when we where kids. We used to train together when our parents where out, Do you remember?

2. Are you slightly afraid that the girls begging you to kiss them are going to unite, kidnap you and take turns raping you? Cuse it's gonna happen O.o

3. Author get the manga at amazon! Will you?

4. Zero, if we hypnotise yuki into forgetting about kaname (so she won't feel sad) will you come with me to kill him?

5. Hey, do you want to lock the chairman in a cage with a wild bear and see how long he'll last? :D

Cya Zero-Kun

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