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1/14/2011 c4 Skylla25
I didn't even read the 5th volume. I was about to get it but...I couldn't. I like this Fan Fiction. :3
1/14/2011 c2 Skylla25
That's funny XD
1/14/2011 c3 3Maryritai
Sorry Zero for being a bother, But I am really bored and I gotta do something to not waste my precious but endless time (Yes Zero, I am a Vampire, A Royal Half-Blood)

1: What is wrong with you?, I mean, You nearly kissed Yuki and then back away?. I mean, You upset a lot of mortals.

2: Why do you hate Kaname so much?, I mean, What would think would happen to Yuki if you killed him, Huh.

3: Why don't take the move onto Yuki. Let me Re-phase that, Yuki loves Kaname because your to sensitive to make a move. I mean, You Love that girl?.

4: Why do you even obey the mortals?. I mean, We are Vampires.

5: You better answer my questions, Mister Kiryuu. *Eyes glow a pale crimson and pins you down with telekinesis* Or else I can ask my Cousin, Senri, to tear you down.
1/13/2011 c3 Hanabusa Aido
Ohayo Kiryuu kun long time no see *evil grin*

1. Do you still consider me as your enemy? Coz I don't :P

2. *kisses you on the lips* Are you bisexual like me?

3. If you chose to be someone's lover, would you rather be Kaname sama's or mine? xP

4. Do you mind if I suck Yuuki's blood again?

5. You are hot darling xP

6. Bye sweetie, mwah!
1/13/2011 c3 sailor sirius

1. LOL I hope I didn't scare you xP

2. You're so hot, can I ask for a kiss and hug please?

3. Some people say you have granny hair but I think your hair is hot.

4. Can I please try out your gun?

5. Do you want to come and kill Kaname with me xD

6. This is it for now so bye Zerorin ^_^
1/13/2011 c3 3thekawaiifangirl
1/13/2011 c3 5
in the fanbook, there are Q&As like this. One for the guardians and all the night class boys.

One question asks "If the night class were humans instead of vampires, who would be your friend?"

Zero admits that he could get along with Kain.

Kain also admits a little respect for Zero after that scene where Zero knocks him over! XD (he's so embarrassed about that!)

But Takuma listed Zero as one of the people he respects the most!^^

Oh, and more questions plz? XD

1) Pansexual... so you WOULD do it with a guy! 8D

2) You think Kaname would look cute cross dressing, do you? XD

3) Take your shirt of please?^/^

4) Have you ever thought about modelling?

5) If Yuuki admitted she loved you (cuz she does) and begged you to be with her AND Kaname (puppy dog eyes, rivers of tears, the trembling lip, on her knees... the whole shebang) would you stay with her?

(FYI, Kaname would agree to this.)

6) Shiki wants to know how strong you are... and so do your adoring fangirls!^^ So how strong are you?
1/12/2011 c3 5Snookens5
1. i saw your answers to that question(In a yaoi relationship, who tops, you? Or Kaname?) so are you saying that you DO read them?

2. Wanna play Black Ops? :D

3. Kill Kaname with me?

4. Ever think about ruling the world? MUAHAHAHAHAH!

5. Move to New York? :3

6. Speak another language?

7. Bite me? :D por favor

8. Finally. has anyone ever told you that you are unbelievably misunderstood and HOT? :D
1/12/2011 c3 Moonlightdances
zero have you ever crushed on a girl other than yuuki?

can I touch your teeth? i think they're sexy

have you ever drank anyone elses blood besides a kuran?
1/12/2011 c2 Rinako
Great story ^^

1. Would you rather be stranded on a deserted island with Kaname or Aidou?

2. What do you think of all the Zeki fics out there?

3. What do you think of all the KanaYuu fics?

Thanks! :)
1/12/2011 c2 5 questions please
-BTW, in canon Zero answered Kain to the friends thing. I think he and Aidou would get along for some reason...? o-O

1. Hey, Zerorin, are you Bisexual? :D

2. Wouldn't Kaname-sama make a cute girl?^^

3. In a yaoi relationship, who tops, you? Or Kaname?

(I think you!^^ Kaname's cute but you're hotter and more masculine and he's a pushover.)

4. How does Kaname's blood taste? 8D

5. Will you marry me? Either that or you have to kiss Kaname! XD

(You have to pick one, and trust me, Zerorin, I'm worse than he'll ever be... XD)
1/11/2011 c2 Kaname Kuran
Hello Kiryuu-kun

1. Do you really hate me?

2. Would you let me bite you n-n

3. Stay away from Yuuki

4. I bet you have a crush on me u.u

5. Can I kiss you? If you say no I dont mind I'll do it anyway -pulls you closer and kiss your lips ^^-

6. what would you do if I tell you that I like your twin (Ichiru ^^)

See you soon my dear Zero (:


Zero why do you hate me so much it os because im a vampire?

Do you l..ov..e me? -blushes-

Nee Zero -hugs you from behind-


Zero-kun my son I love you -cries with joy-

You know Zero-kun you can bite when you need blood

Zero-kun I told you to call me "otou-san" u.u
1/11/2011 c2 3thekawaiifangirl

1) Do you ever smile?

2) Has anyone ever mentioned you're exceedingly hot? Cuz you are.(:

3) Even though you KNOW Yuuki loves Kaname, do you secretly love her? or wish that she loves you?

1/10/2011 c1 4KleopatraSelene
Nice story :)

1. Can i have a kiss, please?

2. Do you actually hate Yuuki?

3. If you had to pick one person from the night class to be you friend, who would you pick?

4. What is the secret to your adorableness?

5. Can I hold your gun, please?
1/10/2011 c1 12ICanHazCheeseBurgerRawr

1) Will you bite me? :o

2) I can haz hug?

3) If you got drunk, what would you do?

4) Nice hair.

5) If you were a pimp what would your name be?

Mine would be CD Buttslap. :D
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