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8/24/2011 c1 ohmygod
tears of blood came out of my eyes when i read the summary. holy nipples i can't even. i-i don't ah.

sexiest fic.
3/14/2011 c1 4Sabre Dance
Best story, OTP. I may have shed a tear when I saw just how complicated their relationship is.

Just kidding, I cried tears of blood when I saw what paring it was. But I laaaauuugghheedd oh god did I ever laugh. Props to you, my friend.
2/28/2011 c1 silverstaraptor
...My eyes...
1/17/2011 c1 shot
Maybe it would have been a little better for me if you had a character who recognized they way the weird pairing made me feel _ I know Pebble was traumatized, but that wasn't quite enough. She only said Tret's name and stared. Perhaps... Idk, Matthew and the group comes back because they lost something and see Tret and "Wisey" and they all freak out?

That's just my opinion, I guess. Good job though, it certainly was silly XD
1/15/2011 c1 2Katie Chui
1. I never considered the Wise one swinging that way, which is kinda disturbing but as it's humour it's funny

2. Tret X Wise one = Fossilizedtreeshipping? XD
1/11/2011 c1 1redmoondreams
Read. Like poor Pebble, I fear I will never be the same again... *scarred for life* XD

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