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3/3/2011 c5 1angel897
love it, love how they hid all the parts of his car as well, great chapter looking forward to the next one^_^
3/3/2011 c5 59Demon Flame
I LOVED IT! pleaseplease update soon i cant wait to see what happens between remy and rogue next
3/3/2011 c5 73Chellerbelle
Aww poor Roguey *hugs her*

Good chapter! I love the hiding places, hehe.
2/28/2011 c4 2Saint of the Sinners
2/28/2011 c2 Saint of the Sinners
Okay, last sentance, funniest thing i've heard all day :)
2/18/2011 c4 Almerii
This is sooo good. I'm addicted and now I need another fix because I can't get enough of this fic. Keep up your great work!
2/8/2011 c4 courtneykutie
I liked it it was very intresting!:)
2/8/2011 c4 7kkcnelson2002
I just finished read your story and I really like it but this has got to me my favoite x-men line ever!

"Of course you did!" Jubilee yelled. "You hear everything! There's a horse shitting in Arkansas right now that you can hear!"

Almost spit my coffee all over my computer I was laughing so hard.
2/6/2011 c4 51LauRa-ReaDinG-XoX
Logan's scene- A dozen or so small, high powered magnets were stuck all over his back, most in places where he couldn't reach.- Love that.

Cant wait for Rogue and Gambit to get together. they will get together right? :) Cant wait for an update.
2/5/2011 c4 Celeste Genevieve
"shudder" that's creepy that the murder is comin there o_o anyways I love remy and the chapter! I bet the attacker was the person who hurt gambit! anyways I loved the chapter so freakin much! ur a great author! Update soon please! ^_^
2/3/2011 c4 15New Dawn Rising
Somebody jack-slap Bobby, please! Love Remy's prank on Logan.
2/3/2011 c4 3tfobmv18
I absolutely love it. I wonder if Rogue is a target. I soo can't wait to see what'll happen next. Keep up the good work.
2/3/2011 c4 7Ladygreysun
Yay, an update! Sorry i didn't review the last chapter, been really busy IRL. Anyway, I really liked the last chapter,

how the tension's slowly building it up. I wanna see Gambit facing his attackers!*g*

oh, and Bobby's a jerk.

Nothing else to say...a part from keep up the excellent writing!
2/3/2011 c4 3Chica De Los Ojos Cafe
Bobby is a total idiot. What is up with the mutant murders? Whose up to this? And will Remy ever remember what happened to him? So many questions, I guess I have to keep following along to find my answers. =)

2/3/2011 c4 annacat721
Magnets! I love it! That image made me laugh out loud. Poor Wolvie. Really liking the Rogue and Gambit dynamic so far. And now with the dead mutants, really interesting story. You've got me hooked :)
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